29 terms

Chapter 3

the steps necessary to complete a task
productivity software
refers to word processing, spreadsheets, and database applications
software suite
related software packages bundled together. i.e. microsoft office suite
software application used in business to help several people collaborate
system software
helps your computer carry out basic functions
operating system
master controller for all computer activities
creations of electronic worksheets using rows and columns
presentation software
electronic slides with text, graphics, etc. i.e. powerpoint
database software
helps you enter, find, organize, update, and report info. i.e. access
collection of data stored in 1 or more computers
row of info
column of info
relational database
records grouped together by common characteristics
graphics software
designed to help you create, manipulate, and print graphics
educational software
helps you learn and practice new skills
utility software
includes programs to optimize computes performance, protect data, and fasciliatate communication.
application software
used to help carry out tasks such as creating documents, tracking finances, and editing photos
Graphical interface user (GUI)
the "point and click" (mouse)
windows registry
keeps track of software added or removed
setup program
program that guides you through installation
software activation
way of protecting software from illegal copying by requiring users to enter a product key or code before use
software patch
small section of program codes that replaces a part of the software that is currently installed
services pack
set of patches that correct problems and address security vulnerabilities
uninstall software
removes specific program files from the hard disk drive and updates windows registry
type of software licensed for free, but only during a period trial, which after user must purchase
copyrighted software available for free
web application
software accessible with a web browser
automatic update
features period checks for updates to computer, and installs automatically.
legal protection