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Information from Clementine helped scientists measure the thickness of the Moon's ______.


Lunar Prospector enabled scientists to confirm that the moon has an iron-rich ______.


Hydrogen is one of the elements that make up ______.


The South Pole-Aitken Basin is an impact crater, or impact ______, on the surface of the Moon.


The Clementine spacecraft was placed in ______ orbit.


Throughout the Moon's rotation, most of the South Pole-Atiken Basin stays in ______.


Clementine also took photographs for use in making a map of the Moon's ______.


Some scientists theorize that ______ may exist in the floors of the craters at the Moon's poles.


Data show that the Moon's crust is ______ on the side of the Moon facing Earth.


Another kind of information collected by Clementine indicates what kinds of ______ make up Moon rocks.


Why might the South Pole-Aitken Basin be a good place for a solar-powered Moon colony?

South Pole-Aitken Basin might be a good place for a solar-powered Moon colony because it is on the lighter side of the moon which makes it easier for solar powered energy. It could also be a source of water for future moon colonies.

Where did the spacecraft Clementine get its name?

The Clementine song was named after the song "Oh My Darling Clementine". The song has a like 'Thou are lost and gone forever' -a reference to its one way journey with no return.

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