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What best defines adolescence?

the transition between childhood and adulthood

At what ages do the two major brain growth spurts occur?

13-15 and 17 on

During a growth spurt, which is (are) likely to grow first?

hands and feet

During adolescence, boys are more advanced than girls in which aspects of physical development?

endurence, size, strength, and speed

Which group of hormones is responsible for the development of the sex organs?

testosterone and estrogen

Which hormone is responsible for normal brain development and overall rate of growth?


Which hormone is responsible for changes at puberty, particularly the development of the secondary sex characteristics in girls?

adrenal androgen

Which gland prompts the release of hormones from the other endocrine glands?

pituitary gland

During puberty the pituitary gland signals the adrenal glands to increase production of androgens. What is the term for this process?


What best defines menarche?

1st menstration

What is a change in primary sex characteristics which takes place during puberty?

grwoth of ovaries, uterus, vagina, penis, and testies

What is an example of changes in secondary sex characteristics during puberty?

breast development, body hair, and voice change

What term for the onset of the menstrual cycle?


What is the earliest sign of puberty for a female?

early changes in breasts and pubic hair

The changes in the patterns of physical growth and development that are known as the secular trend are most likely caused by what?

significant changes in lifesyle or diet

According to current research, what accounts for the secular trend in development worldwide?

significan changes in lifesyle and diet

n which of the following groups has the average age of menarche remained the same over the past six decades?

remained the same in caucasian american females

Normal how many years after the beginning of indicators such as changes in the breast and pubic hair does menarche begin?

2 years

What is associated regarding obesity and puberty?

early development of secondary sex characteristics and obesity

Kate has just turned thirteen years old, and she recently experienced menarche. If Kate becomes sexually active, will she be at risk for pregnancy?


Of the following events in boys' puberty, which typically occurs earliest?

scrotum and testes get larger and scrotum reddens

Describe spermarche?

first ejaculation

What groups is more likely to have a negative body image, get into trouble at school and with peers, and engage in delinquent behavior?

girls who experience body change before 10

What groups is more likely to occupy leadership roles but also be at increased risk for alcohol or drug use?

boys who are ahead of their peers in development

What is likely to be characteristic of a girl who experienced the major physical changes of puberty by age ten?

early developers are more likely to do drugs

What factors is most likely to influence whether or not teens become sexually active across cultures?

boys, african americans, ppl with history of abuse, and ppl with subsatnce abuser parents are more likely

In regards to team's sports, statements about adolescent sexual activity is correct?

kids who play sprots have lower sex rate

Approximately ____ of female 15- to 19-year-olds in 2008 reported being on the pill.


n the United States, which of the sexually active groups is most likely to use condoms?

male teen african americans

Are sex education programs effective?

little or no long term effect

Regarding adolescent pregnancy in the U.S., have they increased or decreased?


What is the overall annual teenage pregnancy rate for 18- to 19-year-olds in the United States?

70 per 1000

When a girls leaves school, how does this effect teen pregnancy?

increases chance of pre go

How many teen pregnancies end in abortion?


List the stages of crisis of teen pregnancy.

initial phase, escalation phase, redefinition phase, dysfunctional phase

Summarizes the research as to the causes of homosexuality.

possible genetic but maybe enironment

What is the concordance rate of homosexuality in fraternal twins?


What is the concordance rate of homosexuality in identical twins?


Most people probably begin to have some awareness of their sexual orientation at what point in their lives?

early adulthood

Which terms applies to a person whose psychological gender does not match their physical sex?


Thomas has been transgendered for as long as he can remember. He has begun living full time as Trina and has started taking hormone supplements. Trina plans to have gender reassignment surgery next year. What terms best describes Trina?


What is the correlation between risk-seeking behavior and the media?

ppl who watch more tv have higher sensation seeking behaviors.

According to your textbook, among teenagers, sensation seeking appears to be associated with what?

drug users and tv watchers

Among teenagers, what is the most commonly used illicit drug?


The core feature(s) of anorexia nervosa is (are) _____

self sratvation

The eating disorder bulimia nervosa is characterized by

bindge eating and purging

What is associated with bulimia?

tooth decay, depression, loss of hair, low heat

Use of laxatives, exercise, and vomiting are most closely associated with what?


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