GCSE dance

Choreographer for perfect
Kevin Finnan and dancers
Accompaniment for perfect
Soppy Smith and Tim Dickinson
Performed by(P)
Motionhouse Jan 2005
Claire Armitage
Lighting (P)
Mark Parry
Simon Dormon
Stimulus (P)
Way we witness space and time - history of barbed wire
3 ways stimulus effect the audience(P)
Interesting images+dances explore ongoing relationships w the clock/calendar. Fear of ageing+changing+ about our race against times unstoppable force.
Structure/ sections (P)
Non-narrative 13sections
Feature of the company's choreographic style
Finnans collaboration w dancers.
Set/choreography (P)
Simon Dormon. Adventurous/filmic w strong emotional content.
Dance style(P)
Contemporary explores link between dance+visual/physical theatre.
Definition of physical theatre
Using gestures and body lan to communicate meaning.
Contribution of aerial work(P)
Defies gravity. Strong physicality and contact work features of contemp.
Total of dancers(P)
movement components actions(P)
2dancers jump off the bench&be4 turning+pulling other d from bench who in turn leaps across stage cartwheeling their legs.
movement components space(P)
The d's start off on a high level on the bench on stage right. Travel in a linear pathway across stage left.
movement components dynamics(P)
The jump is sudden and explosive. The pull is strong. The leap is quick and smooth.
movement components relationship(P)
2dancers jump in unison followed by contact of pulling the other d's. The5th dancer performs a contemp solo.
Spirits of time description(P)
R duo use unison,mirroring.contrast.
Aeveryday gestures(folding arms,picking up sand laying still)
Dsoft gentle. Some sharper in solo.stillness
S upright duo stage right. Soloist on low level on stage left.
Contribution of these(P)
Gestures look like running sand Thro fingers like the sands of time linkin to theme. Soft dynamic=calm atmosphere. Positioning of duo allows projection to be seen on them. Low level soloist looks like she's sleeping linking to stars projected on the backdrop as if it's night time linkin to theme. Contrasting relationships between solo and duo add interest.
Explain how blank is used in perfect
Nutcracker! Choreographed by
Matthew Bourne
Performed by/in (N)
Adventures in motionhouse Aug 1992
Accompaniment (N)
Tchaikovsky - classical/orchestral music.
Costume (N)
Anthony ward
Lighting (N)
Howard Harrison
Set (N)
Anthony ward
Stimulus (N)
Traditional ballet version of the Nutcracker and the music. Images of Victorian childhood.
Themes (N)
Adolescence, escapism,fantasy,satire
Structure (N)
Narrative w 2 acts w 9episodes
Dance style (N)
Contemporary(floor work,curved torsos/non gender specific lifts)and balletic (jetés , upright posture/turned out feet)
Set designer(N)
Anthony ward
Lighting (N)
Howard Harrison
Costume (N)
Anthony ward
Description of the accompaniment(N)
Licorie Allsorts- orchestral w variety od instruments(trumpets and light high pitched flutes) also includes clapping foot stamping and bum slapping.
Knickerbocker Glorys music
Low,slow,strings w drawn out notes, punctuated by a tambourine. The short(3min) piece is dark and mysterious w a simple texture.
How does something attract the Audience
Dance and music directly correlate. Climax together. Jovial mood/adds humour. Pauses add tension.
Description of costume(N)
KBG- black shoes w white spats a pink fitted jacket w white lapels and a white headpiece like whipped cream.
Orphanage children-drab cotton vic style nightdresses and light jazz shoes. Clara-blue50s style dress w white polka dots. Marshmallow girls-pink fluffy hats, pink leotard w white spots and pink tutu. LA- black Spanish style clothing w liquorice on them. Men wear pink trousers w their hair slicked bk and moustache. Females wear flamenco style skirt+high shoes.
What do the difference in costumes represent
Distinguish the difference in characters
Lighting in the wedding party scene(N)
Pink lightening bright set.
Place (N)
Dark costumes suggest the children in the orphanage are poor. Woolly hats and scarfs in frozen lake suggest cold place. Pjs worn by the cupids suggest they could be in bed link to theme(nighttime fantasy)
Description of lighting(N)
Theatrical. Orphanage scene-white wash across the stage=serious mood. KBG- white spotlight on him rest of the stage is dark blue/purple=eerie creepy atmosphere.Wedding party-bright lights in pink and yellows=lively and fun
Description of set design(N)
Traditional theatre venue. Partly realistic and also cartoon like. Scene1-austere drab w iron beds. Interval scene on a frozen lake+scene2.
What do aspects of the set design show (N)
Large mouth(sweetieland) pink+blue striped backdrop. Black&white checked flooring is a constant.
Adding interest (N)
Diff sets add interests helps progress the narrative. Tiers of the wedding cake show r used by the dancers for diff levels which attract the audience.
Mood (N)
Orphanage- grey walls=serious mood. Pillow,clouds,feather-dream like quality(in frozen lake) floral heart suggest romantic mood.giant mouth adds humour.
Staging (N)