GREES- Perfect costume
Gender. Realistic. Era. Ease of Movement. Set interaction
SHIED Ghost dances costume
Social interaction. Highlights separate groups. Incorporated into action. Enhances character.
ECSIT Perfect set design
Enhances character. Compliments projection. Symbolic. Incorporated with action. Theme
CLEGS Ghost Dances set design
clear for action content. Levels. Entrances and exits. Geographical. Size and perspective.
CASHS Ghost Dances lighting
Climate. Atmosphere. Sculpts the body. Highlights climax. Symbolic.
TICTS Perfect lighting
Time of day. Interacts with movement. Creates shadows. Theme. Set design.
TCCSS Perfect accompaniment
Theme. Complements movement. Climax. Structure. Style.
SHLAG Ghost Dances accompaniment
Starting point. Highlights action content. Leitmotif. Atmosphere. Geographical content.