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  1. Epic
  2. Legend
  3. double speak
  4. Ballad
  5. THorton Wilder
  1. a a short poem, often written by an anonymous author, comprised of short verses intended to be sung
  2. b language that is meant to be evasive or conceal (downsized = fired loss of job
  3. c A Long narrative detailing a hero's deeds -- THe Aeneid by virgil, The Illiad and Odyssey by Homer, Beowulf, War and peace by Tolstoy, and Hiawatha by Longfellow
  4. d Our TOwn
  5. e Story about human actions that is perceived by both the teller and the listeners --- Irving's The legend of sleepy hollow, King arthur and the holy grail

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  1. Jackson's "The Lottery, Irving's "Rip Van WInkle"
  2. a humorous verse form of five anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme of aabba
  3. Mark Twain-, London- WHite Fang, Call of the wild, Frost- NOthing godl can stay, THe road not taken, Joyce, T.S. Elliot- THe wasteland
  4. United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947), wrote My Antonia; prolific during the 1920s, reputation as one of the most important post-Civil War American authors
  5. Tennessee Williams. (Drama) Blanche DuBois, fading Southern belle. Nymphomania and alcoholism. French Quarter of New Orleans. Sister Stella, crude Stanley. Pleasure is short. One-way ticket.

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  1. dangling modifierdangling modifiers have no noun or pronoun to modify, change the dangling modifier to an independent clause.


  2. hyperbolean exaggeration of emphasis


  3. Edgar Allen Poerhyme that happens within a line of verse


  4. Harriet beecher stoweGreat Expectations


  5. The house on Mango streetA woman growing up in poverty in 1960s Chicago is determined to find her own path in life without forgetting her past.