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  1. dangling modifier
  2. THorton Wilder
  3. feminine rhyme
  4. gerund
  5. Elizabethian
  1. a dangling modifiers have no noun or pronoun to modify, change the dangling modifier to an independent clause.
  2. b Our TOwn
  3. c a verb ending in "ING" that functions as a noun (gardening is my favorite activity)
  4. d latter two syllables of first word rhyme with latter two syllables of second word (ceiling appealing)
  5. e Shakespear, Marlowe- Dr. FAustus, Spenser's - The Faerie Queen

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  1. Something that can be seen touched tasted or felt Something tangible
  2. James COoper- The Last of the Mohicans, Pioneer prairie, Emmerson- Nature, THe over soul, Irving's Rip van winkle, the legend of sleepy hollow, Poe- THe raven, Longfellow
  3. the flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero
  4. THe Scarlett letter
  5. Heart of Darkness

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  1. anapesticmeter that are composed of feet that are uu/


  2. semanticsidealized events far removed from everyday life-- mary shelly's Frankensein, Shakespear's Troilus and Cressida and King Horn (annonomous)


  3. Edgar Allen PoeTHe murder in Rue Morgue


  4. Brave new worldThe Metamorphosis


  5. ISabel AllendeTHe HOuse of spirits