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  1. Franz Kafka
  2. Maxine HIng Kingston
  3. Charles Dickens
  4. the wasteland
  5. sonnet
  1. a The Woman Worrier
  2. b Great Expectations
  3. c The (1922) T. S. Eliot's epic poem, depicting a world devoid of purpose or meaning.
  4. d 14 line poem, usually in iambic pentamitar
  5. e The Metamorphosis

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  1. Amy tan
  2. THe Pigman
  3. idealized events far removed from everyday life-- mary shelly's Frankensein, Shakespear's Troilus and Cressida and King Horn (annonomous)
  4. Looks to the year 2540, where society accepts promisc sex and drug (soma) use and science has made humanity carefree, healthy, and technologically advanced. War and poverty no longer exist, and people are always happy. But these achievements have come by eliminating things from which people derive happiness —. Marx and Lenina are both from this artificial world where babies are made in factories, while John the Savage and Linda are from a Savage Reservation that still practice old ways.
  5. A sailor tells the story of his journey through the Congo, where he met an enigmatic, powerful, insane imperialist who had abandoned the rules of English civilization., story reflects the physical and psychological shock Conrad himself experienced in 1890, when he worked briefly in the Belgian Congo.

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  1. Sister carrieTheodore Dreiser's novel; single woman who moved to city and worked in shoe factory but then turned to prostitution due to poverty


  2. Stephen craneHeart of Darkness


  3. helping verbsTHe turn of a screw


  4. HOmerThe Odyddey and The Illiad


  5. heroic coupleta pair of lines written in iambic pentameter


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