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  1. Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Stephen crane
  3. Post Modernism
  4. Nationalist (transindentalism)
  5. A farewell to arms
  1. a The red badge of courage
  2. b Nietzsche, Orwell
  3. c James COoper- The Last of the Mohicans, Pioneer prairie, Emmerson- Nature, THe over soul, Irving's Rip van winkle, the legend of sleepy hollow, Poe- THe raven, Longfellow
  4. d THe murder in Rue Morgue
  5. e E. Hemingway. A love story which draws heavily on the author's experiences as a young soldier in Italy. Lieutenant Frederic Henry, a young American ambulance driver during WWI. Falls in love with nurse Catherine Barkley. The Battle of Caporetto. In Switzerland, their child is born dead, and Catherine dies due to hemorrhages.

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  1. a story in which people or things represent an idea or generalization about life
  2. it depicts a black man's struggle for identity. In the end, the unnamed narrator runs for his life and falls into a cellar. He decides to remain underground and write a novel about the absurdities of his life., It told about the life of a Southern black man who could not escape racism in the North.
  3. A raisin in the sun
  4. THe invisible Man
  5. name a group (herd family)

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  1. Sanra Cisnerosverb form ending in (ing or ed) operates as an adjective (barking dog, painted fence)


  2. participleTHe Pigman


  3. Alice Walkera humorous verse form of five anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme of aabba


  4. canterbury talesa book written by Geoffrey Chaucer are stories that a group of pilgrims tell to entertain eachoter as they travel to the shrine of Saint Thoman Becket in Canterbury. Fictional stories.


  5. Charles DickensThe good Earth