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  1. Abstract noun
  2. phonetics
  3. Modern
  4. Franz Kafka
  5. Nationalist (transindentalism)
  1. a Mark Twain-, London- WHite Fang, Call of the wild, Frost- NOthing godl can stay, THe road not taken, Joyce, T.S. Elliot- THe wasteland
  2. b The Metamorphosis
  3. c James COoper- The Last of the Mohicans, Pioneer prairie, Emmerson- Nature, THe over soul, Irving's Rip van winkle, the legend of sleepy hollow, Poe- THe raven, Longfellow
  4. d an idea condition or feeling (justice, freedom)
  5. e the study of sounds of language

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  1. Nietzsche, Orwell
  2. jrr tolkien
  3. two sentences joined incorrectly with only a comma
  4. gives a command or makes a request and ends with a period
  5. Looks to the year 2540, where society accepts promisc sex and drug (soma) use and science has made humanity carefree, healthy, and technologically advanced. War and poverty no longer exist, and people are always happy. But these achievements have come by eliminating things from which people derive happiness —. Marx and Lenina are both from this artificial world where babies are made in factories, while John the Savage and Linda are from a Savage Reservation that still practice old ways.

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  1. BalladStory about human actions that is perceived by both the teller and the listeners --- Irving's The legend of sleepy hollow, King arthur and the holy grail


  2. antecedentU U /


  3. internal rhymerhyme that happens within a line of verse


  4. assonancethe study of the structure of sentences, studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences


  5. Paul ZindelTHe Pigman