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  1. contemporary
  2. Leslie Marmon Silko
  3. limerick
  4. foot
  5. personification
  1. a Miller- The Crucible, Death of the Salesman, Salinger's- THe catcher in the Rye
  2. b a humorous verse form of five anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme of aabba
  3. c one stressed and a number of unstressed syllables
  4. d a literary device in which animals, ideas and things represent human traits
  5. e Ceremony

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  1. mildred taylor
  2. the noun to which the pronoun is refering
  3. an exaggeration of emphasis
  4. a contradictory statement that makes sense -- man learns form history that man learns nothing from history
  5. Declaratoin of Independence, Jefferson

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  1. iambicunstressed-stressed U /


  2. Ballada short poem, often written by an anonymous author, comprised of short verses intended to be sung


  3. dangling modifierA verb that does not show action but connects the subject with a word in the predicate.


  4. C.S. Lewiswrote Chronicles of Narnia,


  5. Malapropisma reference to a familiar person place thing or event