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  1. Invisible man
  2. Sister carrie
  3. great expectations
  4. Concrete noun
  5. lyric
  1. a Something that can be seen touched tasted or felt Something tangible
  2. b Tells the story of Pip, an English orphan who rises to wealth, deserts his true friends, and becomes humbled by his own arrogance. It also introduces one of the more colorful characters in literature: Miss Havasham.
  3. c it depicts a black man's struggle for identity. In the end, the unnamed narrator runs for his life and falls into a cellar. He decides to remain underground and write a novel about the absurdities of his life., It told about the life of a Southern black man who could not escape racism in the North.
  4. d Theodore Dreiser's novel; single woman who moved to city and worked in shoe factory but then turned to prostitution due to poverty
  5. e a short poem about personal feelings

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  1. a short poem, often written by an anonymous author, comprised of short verses intended to be sung
  2. the main section of a poem
  3. specialized words (doctors words)
  4. idealized events far removed from everyday life-- mary shelly's Frankensein, Shakespear's Troilus and Cressida and King Horn (annonomous)
  5. A sailor tells the story of his journey through the Congo, where he met an enigmatic, powerful, insane imperialist who had abandoned the rules of English civilization., story reflects the physical and psychological shock Conrad himself experienced in 1890, when he worked briefly in the Belgian Congo.

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  1. Charles DickensThe good Earth


  2. the crucible(Arthur Miller, 1953). Miller chose the 1692 Salem witch trials as his setting, but the work is really an allegorical protest against the McCarthy anti-Communist "witch-hunts" of the early 1950s. In the story, Elizabeth Proctor fires servant Abigail Williams after she finds out Abigail had an affair with her husband. In response, Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft. She stands trial and is acquitted, but then another girl accuses her husband, John, and as he refuses to turn in others, he is killed, along with the old comic figure, Giles Corey. Also notable: Judge Hathorne is a direct ancestor of the author Nathaniel Hawthorne.


  3. The house on Mango streetA woman growing up in poverty in 1960s Chicago is determined to find her own path in life without forgetting her past.


  4. Abstract nounan idea condition or feeling (justice, freedom)


  5. The red badge of couragea naive young man (Henry Fleming) matures as a result of fighting in the Civil War