16 terms

GCSE dance

Bird song set designer
Sam Collins
Nutcracker set designer
Anthony Ward
Bird song costume designer
Genevieve Bennett
Nutcracker costume designer
Anthony Ward
Bird song staging
In the round studio theatre
Nutcracker staging
Proscenium arch theatre
Bird song first performance
April 2004
Nutcracker first performance
August 1992
Bird song lighting designer
Howard Harrison
Nutcracker lighting designer
Adrian Plaut
Bird song accompaniment
Collection of natural sounds found sounds and melodic extracts by Andy Pink
Nutcracker accompaniment
Original score performed by an orchestra composed by Pytor Tchaikovsky in 1892
Bird song structure
16 sections reversed in second half. Central solo choreographed first
Nutcracker structure
2 acts, 9 sections. Narrative and binary
Bird song dancers
8 - 5 women, 3 men
Nutcracker dancers