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Wireless Standards

Wireless Standards
How many total channels are available for 802.11a wireless networks?
You are designing an update to your client's wireless network.The existing wireless network uses 802.11b equipment; which your client complains runs too slowly. She wants to upgrade the network to run at 54 Mbps.
Due to budget constraints, your client wants to upgrade only the wireless access points in the network this year. Next year, she will upgrade the wireless network boards in her users' workstations. She has also indicated that the system must continue to function during the transition period.
Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?
How many total channels are available for 802.11g wireless networks?
Which data transmission rate is defined by the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard?
11 Mbps
Which IEEE standard describes wireless communication?
Which IEEE wireless standards specify transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps?
What is the frequency of 802.11a networking?
5.75 GHz
Which of the following are frequencies defined by 802.11 committees for wireless networking?
2.4 GHz
5.75 GHz
You are designing a wireless network for a client. Your client needs the network to support a data rate of at least 54 Mbps. In addition, the client already has a wireless telephone system installed that operates 2.4 GHz. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?
You have been contacted by OsCorp to recommend a wireless Internet solution. The wireless strategy must support a transmission range of 150 feet, uses a frequency range of 2.4 GHz, and provide the highest possible transmission speeds.
Which of the following wireless solutions would you recommend?