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CP 11, Middle Childhood

What is Attention?
The minds spotlight. Being able to ignore things around them that are irrelavant.
What is Automatization?
A process by which thoughts and actions are repeated in sequence so often that they become automatic, or routine, and no longer require much conscious thought.
What is Reaction time?
The length of time it takes a person to respond to a partciular stimulus.
What is Aptitude?
The potential to learn, or master, a particular skill or body of knowledge.
What is an IQ test?
Aptitude tests desgined to measure a person's intellectual aptitiude, or ability to learn in schol. Was orginally defined as mental age divided by chronological age, times 100- hence intellgience quotient, or I!.
What is an Achievment test?
Measures of reading ability, math knowledge, science facts, writing skills, or any other subject matter that has actually been mastered.
What are some criticisms of IQ testing?
In theory, not in fact, can any test measure potential without also measureing achievement or do so without reflecting the culture. Each person's intellectual potential changes over time, so a score that is tied to a chronolgoical age applies to a moment in time, not a development person. Humans have many intelligences not one.
What is Developmental Psychopathology?
A field in which knowledge about normal development is applied to the study and treatment of various disorders.
What are the four parts of Developmental Psychopathology?
Abnormality is normal. Disability changes over time. Adolescene and adulthood may be better or worse. Diagnosis depends on the social context.
What is Autism?
A pervasive developmental disorder makred by an inability to relate to other people in an ordinary way, by extreme self absorption and by an inability to learn normal speech.
What is Asperger syndrome?
A set of less severe symptoms of autism, in which the individual has fairly normal speech and intelligence but severely impared social skills.
What is ADD?
Attention deficit disorder - a condition in which a child has a great difficulty concentrating (but unline hyperactive child, is not impulsive and overactive); the child may be prone to anxiety and depression and may seem lost in thought, spaced out, or distracted.
What is AD/HD?
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - A condition in which a child has a great difficulty concentrating for more than a few moments at a time, and as a result, is inattentive, impulsive and over-reactive.
What is Echolalia?
the repetition of vocalizations made by another person.