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Zona glomerulosa

Adrenal Cortex: Aldosterone

Zona fasciculata

Adrenal Cortex: Cortisol

Zona reticularis

Adrenal Cortex: Androgens


-Couples nervous system and endocrine system
-Regulate Pituitary gland
-Produce tropic hormones

Anterior Pituitary

-Stimulates the growth and development of target tissues
-Synthesizes and secretes seven hormones FLATPIG

Posterior Pituitary

-Stores and releases two hormones that are not synthesized in pituitary
-Oxytocin (OT) uterine contractions
-Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) fluid balance

Thyroid Glands

-Increases the metabolic rate of target cells
-Calcium Homeostasis
-Follicle cells of the thyroid gland synthesize thyroglobulin


Overactive thyroid gland
-Thyroid Hormone
-T3 and T4
-Inhibit TSH via negative feedback


-Thyroid gland does not make enough hormone

Parathyroid gland

Produce parathyroid hormone
-Calcium homeostasis

Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Cortex
Adrenal Medulla


Endocrine (Islet of Langerhans)
Exocrine (Acini cells)


A cells of islet of langerhans secrete ---


B cells of islet of langerhans secrete ---

acini cells

secrete outside through pancreatic duct


Produce Estrogen and Progesterone



alimentary canal

continuous tube that extends from the mouth to the anus

mechanical digestion

Breaking food into smaller pieces

Chemical Digestion

Enzymatic breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones


A progression of coordinated contractions and relaxations of the circular and longitudinal layers of the muscularis, pushes bolus down to stomach


Mixing contractions that occur in portions of intestine
-Distended by a large volume of chyme

Salivary glands

-Secrete saliva
-Lubricate Food
-Dissolve foods
-Begin chemical breakdown


Glucose regulation
Buffer stomach acid
Chemical digestion: pancreatic amlyase, pancreatic lipase

Liver and gallbladder

Make bile: emulsifies lipids
Deliver to gallbladder- storage of bile


Largest serous membrane in the body
-Parietal peritoneum - peritoneal fluid
-Visceral peritoneum

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