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You are configuring a wireless network with two wireless access points. Both access points connect to the same wired network. You want wireless users to be able to connect to either access point, and to be able to roam between the two access points.
How should you configure the access points?

Same SSID, different channel.

You have configured a wireless access point to create a small network. For security, you have disabled SSID broadcast.
From a client computer, you try to browse to find the access point. You see some other wireless networks in the area, but cannot see your network to connect to it.
What should you do?

Configure a profile on the wireless client.

You have configured a wireless access point to create a small network. You have configured all necessary parameters.
Wireless clients seem to take a long time to find the wireless access point. You want to reduce the time it takes for the clients to connect.
What should you do?

Decrease the beacon interval.

You need to configure a wireless network. You want to use WPA Enterprise. Which of the following components will be a part of your design?

TKIP encryption

You have purchased a used wireless access point and want to set up a small wireless network at home. The access point only supports WEP. You want to configure the most secure settings on the access point. Which of the following would you configure?

Open authentication
Preshared key

You have a small wireless network that uses multiple access points. The network currently uses WEP.
You want to connect a laptop computer to the wireless network. Which of the following parameters will you need to configure on the laptop?

Preshared key

You want to connect your client computer to a wireless access point connected to your wired network at work. The network administrator tells you that the access point is configured using WPA2 Personal with the strongest encryption method possible. SSID broadcast is turned off.
Which of the following must you configure manually on the client?

Preshared key

You have a small home wireless network that uses WEP. The access point is configured as the DHCP server and a NAT router that connects to the Internet. You do not have a RADIUS server. Which authentication method should you use?


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