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acts that challenged the foreign policy of President Adams

attacks on United States ships

reason for attacking U.S. ships

prevent U.S. from supplying their enemy

major issue dividing the Federalists and Democratic-Republican parties

how large and powerful the federal government should be

Republicans believed the U.S. economy should be based on what?


How did Republicans view the Alien and Sedition Acts?

attack on freedom of speech

Alien and Sedition Acts

In 1798, Federalist-supported laws that permitted the president to expel foreigners, made it harder for immigrants to become citizens, and allowed for citizens to be fined or jailed if they criticized the government or its officials

John Adams

2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)


A member of a former political party in the United States that favored a strong centralized federal government


The party of Thomas Jefferson which favored a weak central government and a strict construction of the Constitution.

loose construction of Constitution

view by the Federalists that the Constitution should be interpreted loosley and not literally.

strict interpretation of Constitution

This view of the constitution meant that it was to be followed exactly to the
word, a philosophy adopted by Jefferson.

region of the United States that the Louisiana Purchase was located

central United States

Marbury v. Madison

established judicial review

judicial review

The right of the Supreme Court to determine if a law violates the Constitution

Lewis and Clark

Two explorers sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase

significance of Lewis & Clark expedition

improved America's knowledge of the west


the act of seizing by force

river that flows into New Orleans

Mississippi River

Federalists believed the economy should be based on what?

business and trade


Tax on imported goods

Who supported tariffs?

Northern factory owners

George Washington

First President under the U.S. Constitution that set precedent for future presidents.

One reason for buying the Louisiana Purchase

gave the United States control of the port of New Orleans

Why did Jefferson send Lewis and Clark into the Louisiana Territory?

explore and map the region

Secretary of State

The head of the Department of State and traditionally a key adviser to the president on foreign policy.

Secretary of the Treasury

handles the nation's money issues

Election of 1800 decided by the

House of Representatives

Alexander Hamilton

First Secretary of the Treasury. He advocated creation of a national bank, assumption of state debts by the federal government, and a tariff system to pay off the national debt.

Thomas Jefferson

3rd U.S. President. 1801-1809. Democratic-Republican

Hamilton's Financial Plan

The government would take the debt of the nations and the states debt, make a national bank, and tax higher (which was the only one that did not pass thru congress)

XYZ Affair

A 1797 French attempt to bribe the United States by demanding money before discussing French seizure of neutral American ships

Whiskey Rebellion

1794 protest over tax on whiskey. Tested strength of new gov't under Washington's leadership

French Revolution

French rebellion that began in 1789 in which the French people overthrew the monarchy and made their country a republic

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