27 terms

Chapter 4

to falesly proclaim oneself as God, to falsely claim to have the attributes of God, or to insult God or his name
conversion experience
an experience that turns us toward God and away from sin and encourages us to search to understand and do what God desires of us
a life rooted in Jesus, also a life rooted in the Church
the sacrament of Jesus' body and blood truly and really present under the appearances of the bread and wine
Paschal Mystery
Christ's work of redemption through his Passion, death, Ressurection, and Ascencion
threefold pattern
a writing technique, notably used by Mark, to emphasize particular subjects, such as the declarations of Jesus as the Son of God
the culminating moment in the public life of Jesus. Jesus' appearance changed in the presence of his disciples, and Elijah and Moses appeared beside him to reveal him as the true Messiah. The event points toward the Ressurection of Jesus
an attempt of desire to overthrow and replace the head of the government to which one owes allegiance
political authorities; the supporters of King Herod and his position
John the Baptist
the messenger sent before Jesus to prepare the way; baptized Jesus and pointed to Jesus as the Messiah
one who is sent
Messianic Secret
refers to the fact that as Jesus heals, preaches, and teaches, he instructs his followers not to tell others about his miraculous works, but then they go out and disregarding his instructions share what they have witnessed
is believing in, trusting in, and surrendering to God, who is revealed in Jesus
Easter Triduum
most holy days of the Church
the Passover event of the Exodus
Passion Sunday
formerly known as Palm Sunday; the Sunday before Easter Sunday
Palm Sunday
people receive blessed palm branches in Church
Holy Week
the holiest week of the Church year
greatest feast of the Catholic Church
Last Supper
the last time Jesus would eat with his Apostles
Holy Thursday
Church remembers the Last Supper in the evening Mass of the Lord's Supper
a garden on the Mount of Olives
the procurator of Judea and the visible authority of Roman rule
a hill outside the city, where he was nailed to a cross
Padre Pio
devout, reserve, and everaware of the suffering that goes on in the world and in the hearts of all people
outward signs of the suffering of Jesus Christ during the crucifixtion
statement of faith