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  1. What is Latin America doing to solve this?
  2. Where is Latin America?
  3. one-resource economy
  4. climates in Latin America
  5. vegetation in colder climates?
  1. a Western hemisphere; south of United States
  2. b a country's economy based almost completely on 1 resource or crop
  3. c tropical wet with hot, humid, rainy weather year-round; tropical wet and dry with hot weather, but shorter rainy season; Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay = humid sub-tropical climate: hot, wet summers + cool, damp winters. Patagonia - colder and dry.
  4. d L. American countries are trying to diversify economies. Building factories to make other products to sell; encouraging other jobs, such as farming other crops rather than relying on only one.
  5. e plants that need less heat and rain ~ potatoes, apples, wheat

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  1. minerals, oil, trees, lumber, fish, coffee, wheat, sugar cane, cotton, rice
  2. Provide transportation; food from fishing; hydroelectric power. Needed for transportation b/c hard to build roads due to mountains and rural area.
  3. electric power made by rushing water
  4. dense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin
  5. 1) elevation 2) location (areas close to the Equator usually warmer than those farther south) 3) wind patterns (sea breezes in Caribbean help keep temperatures down)

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  1. What landforms are in South Americacoral and underwater mountains. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are underwater mountains. Other, smaller islands are made of coral (skeletons of tine sea animals formed together).


  2. Amazon Riverlongest river in South America; 2nd longest river in the world;


  3. plateaua raised area of flat land


  4. 3 regions of Latin America?Western hemisphere; south of United States


  5. Why are crops important?they sell them to make money - important to economy


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