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  1. resources in South America?
  2. El Nino
  3. diversify
  4. Where is Latin America?
  5. factors affecting climate?
  1. a minerals, oil, trees, lumber, fish, coffee, wheat, sugar cane, cotton, rice
  2. b to add variety or different items
  3. c warming in ocean waters on the west coast of S. America. Causes floods, droughts, and drives away fish. Felt around the world.
  4. d 1) elevation 2) location (areas close to the Equator usually warmer than those farther south) 3) wind patterns (sea breezes in Caribbean help keep temperatures down)
  5. e Western hemisphere; south of United States

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  1. coral and underwater mountains. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are underwater mountains. Other, smaller islands are made of coral (skeletons of tine sea animals formed together).
  2. plants that need less heat and rain ~ potatoes, apples, wheat
  3. sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cacao, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, papayas, etc); bauxite (Jamaica), nickel (Cuba, Dominican Republic); oil (Trinidad)
  4. 1) Mexico and Central America 2) Caribbean 3) South America
  5. 1) Middle America: lots of minerals 2) Mexico: minerals, oil, natural gas, trees/lumber 3) Central America: coffee, cotton, sugar cane, bananas

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  1. Amazon Riverdense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin


  2. vegetation in tropical wet + dry climates?exotic vegetation that needs hot, humid weather, such as bananas, cacao, sugar cane, rice


  3. Middle Americaheight of land above sea level


  4. Rain forestdense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin


  5. one-resource economya country's economy based almost completely on 1 resource or crop