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To force someone to do something against his or her will by using undue pressure, threats, intimidation, or physical violence.


Forceful and convincing; to the point.


To hold or stick together; to fit together into an orderly, logical, and unified whole.


a. To work together on some kind of joint project. (In this sense the tone of the word is neutral.) b. To cooperate with the enemy in some kind of treasonable activity (In this sense the tone of the word is definitely pejorative.)


a. Capable of use with some other brand or model. b. Capable of living or getting along together.


Overly self-satisfied; smug.


Saying a lot in a few words.


To overlook or disregard an offense, thereby implying forgiveness, acceptance, or possibly approval of it.


A face-to-face encounter, usually (but not always) suggesting a hostile or defiant attitude.


a. (n) A conclusion based on inadequate evidence; a guess. b. (v) To conclude from inadequate evidence; to guess.

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