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Self-myofascial release
What kind of stretching involes applyig force to tender areas such as a foam roll?
What is the leading cause of disability among US adults?
Which type of blood vessel collects blood from the capillaries and merges with veins to take blood back to the heart?
Which of the following are made from myofilaments
20 Kilograms
How many kilograms is 44 pounds equal to?
Muscle synergy
What allows the nervous system to control muscles in groups for repeated and precise movements such as writing
Increased heart rate
Which of the following is an effect of dehydration?
The arthrokinematic type of a knee joint is?
The wrist, the side of the larynx
The radial pulse is the preferred place to test the pulse, followed by the carotid pulse. Where can you respectively find these pulses?
It may cause foot blisters and micro trauma, potentially leading to infection.
Why might walking be inappropriate for a client with diabetes?
Their cells are resistant to insulin
What is the main physiological problem in people with type II diabetes?
Movement system
Which system of the core provides stabilization and neuromuscular control for the entire core?
A mesocycle is associated with what period of time?
Where are proteins broken up into peptide chains?