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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 10, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus a couple of terms (from my teachers) to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.


【yīkuàir】 [ADVERB] - together; *** at the same place.


【yīqǐ】 [ADVERB] - together; *** in the same place; in company; <dialect> altogether; in all.

【miàn】 [NOUN] - noodles; {measure: 根【gēn】} *** face; face (a certain direction); surface; top; personally; directly; the right side; <math.> surface; an entire area (as opposed to particular points); side; aspect; extent; range; scale; powder; <dialect> soft and floury.


【miàntiáo】 [NOUN] - noodles. {measure: 根【gēn】}

【huì】 [AUXILLARY VERB] - can; will; shall; *** get together; assemble; meet; see; meeting gathering; party; get-together; conference; association; society; union; a temple fair; an association of people who regularly contribute to a common fund and draw from it by turns; chief city; capital; opportunity; occasion; understand; grasp; be able to; be good at; be skillful in; be likely to; be sure to; pay (foot) a bill; a moment.

【yòng】 [ACTION VERB] - to use; *** employ; apply; expenses; outlay; usefulness; need; <polite> eat; drink; <formal> hence; therefore.


【kuàizi】 [NOUN] - chopsticks. {measure for a pair: 双【shuāng】} {measure for one of a pair: 支【zhī】}

【shuāng】 [MEASURE] - (measure for a pair of something) *** two; twin; both; dual; <measure> pair; even; double.

【zhī】 [MEASURE] - (measure for stick like objects and songs); *** prop up; put up; protrude; raise; support; sustain; bear; send away; put somebody off; pay or draw (money); branch; offshoot; <textile> count; the twelve Earthly Branches; Zhi - a surname.


【méiwèntí】 [EXPRESSION] - No problem!


【méiyǒuwèntí】 [EXPRESSION] - No problem!


【cāntīng】 [NOUN] - dining room; restaurant. {measure: 家【jiā】}


【fànguǎnr】 [NOUN] - restaurant. {measure: 家【jiā】}


【fànguǎn】 [NOUN] - restaurant. {measure: 家【jiā】}


【niúròu】 [NOUN] - beef.

【niú】 [NOUN] - cow; ox; cattle; {measure: 头【tóu】}

【tóu】 [MEASURE] - (measure for cattle) *** head; hair or hair style; top; end; beginning or end; remnant; end; chief; side; aspect; first; leading; previous; last; <dialect> before; prior to.

【ròu】 [NOUN] - meat; {measure: 块【kuài】} *** flesh; pulp; flesh (of fruit).

【kuài】 [MEASURE] - (measure for piece of meat) *** piece; lump; chunk; <informal> yuan- the basic unit of money in China.


【bùcuò】 [STATIVE VERB] - to be not bad; [EXPRESSION] - Not bad!; Right!; *** correct; right; <informal> pretty good.


【bùcuò tāmen dōu yào lái】 [EXPRESSION] - Not bad! They all want to come!


【è】 [STATIVE VERB] - hungry; *** starve.

【děng】 [ACTION VERB] - to wait (for); *** class; grade; rank; equal; wait; await; when; till; <auxiliary> and so on; and so forth; etc..


【děng yīhuìr】 [EXPRESSION] - wait a moment; in a moment.


【děng yīxià】 [EXPRESSION] - wait a moment; in a moment.

【zài】 [VERB-PREFIX] - in the midst of (doing something).


【zhèngzài】 [ADVERB] - just in the middle of (doing something); *** (to indicate an action in progress) in process of; in course of.

【zhèng】 [ADVERB] - just; *** straight; upright; situated in the middle; main; punctually; sharp; obverse; right; honest; correct; right; pure; principal; chief; regular; <physics> <math.> positive; rectify; set right; precisely; used to indicate an action in progress.

【néng】 [AUXILLARY VERB] - can (in the sense of be able to); *** be able to;ability; capability; skill; <physics> energy; able; capable; be capable of.


【nénggòu】 [AUXILLARY VERB] - can (in the sense of be able to); *** be able to; be capable of.


【càidān】 [NOUN] - menu; *** bill of fare.

【cài】 [NOUN] - dish; *** course; vegetable; greens; food.


【Hànzì】 [NOUN] - Chinese characters.

【zì】 [NOUN] - (Chinese) character; *** word; pronunciation (of a word); form of a written character; style of handwriting; printing type; scripts; writings; receipt; a style (or name) taken at the age of 20- by which a man is sometimes called.


【hànyǔ】 [NOUN] - Chinese (language).


【shuō-huà】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to talk; to speak; *** say; chat; talk; gossip; talk; <informal> in a minute; right away.


【jiǎnghuà】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to talk; to speak; *** address; speech; talk; talks (used in titles of books that set out basic information).

【huà】 [NOUN] - (spoken) words; language; {measure: 句【jù】for a sentence} *** talk; talk about; speak about.

【jù】 [MEASURE] - (measure for 话【huà】 (spoken) words); *** sentence.


【róngyì】 [STATIVE VERB] - easy; simple (to do); *** easily; likely; liable; apt.

【nán】 [STATIVE VERB] - difficult; hard (to do); *** troublesome; put sb. into a difficult position; hardly possible; bad; unpleasant.


【páigǔ】 [NOUN] - pork chop; spareribs. {measure: 块【kuài】}

【zhū】 [NOUN] - pig; hog; swine. {measure: 头【tóu】}


【zhūròu】 [NOUN] - pork.


【jī-tuǐ】 [NOUN] - chicken leg. {measure: 只【zhī】}

【zhī】 (measure for one of a pair; for certain animals); *** single; one only.

【jī】 [NOUN] - chicken. {measure: 只【zhī】}


【jīròu】 [NOUN] - chicken meat (as food).

【hē】 [ACTION VERB] - to drink; *** drink alcoholic liquor.

【tāng】 [NOUN] - soup; {measure: 个【gè】or 碗【wǎn】}; *** hot water; boiling water; broth; a liquid preparation of medicinal herbs; (Tang1) a surname.

【wǎn】 [NOUN / MEASURE] - bowl/bowl of.


【dòufu】 [NOUN] - bean curd. {measure: 块【kuài】for a piece of}

【dà】 [STATIVE VERB] -big; large; *** great; heavy (rain/ etc.); strong (wind/ etc.); loud; general; main; major; size; age; greatly; fully; in a big way; on a big (or large) scale; eldest; <polite> your.

【fèn】 [MEASURE] - portion (of); *** share.

【xiǎo】 [STATIVE VERB] - small; little; young (in age); *** petty; minor; for a while; for short time.

【xiǎng】 [ACTION VERB] - to think (that); *** suppose; reckon; consider; want to; would like to; feel like (doing something); remember with longing; miss.


【gòule】 [EXPRESSION] - Enough!; Plenty!

【gòu】 [STATIVE VERB / ADVERB] - enough; sufficient / sufficiently; *** adequate; reach; be up to (a certain standard etc); quite; rather; really.

【le】 (often indicates exclamation)


【bùyòng】 [EXPRESSION] - No need!; [Adverb] - no need to (more polite);*** need not.


【bùbì】 [EXPRESSION] - No need!; [Adverb] - no need to (more polite);*** need not; not have to.


【nǐ bùyòng qù】 [EXPRESSION] - You needn't go.


【bùhǎoyìsi】 [EXPRESSION] - (I'm) embarassed (polite phrase); *** feel embarrassed; be ill at ease; find it embarrassing (to do something).


【bié-kèqi】 [EXPRESSION] - Don't mention it! You're welcome!


【kèqi】 [STATIVE VERB] - polite; courteous; *** modest.

【zhǐ】 [ADVERB] - only; just; *** merely.

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