Chinese II - Lesson 1 my birthday

27 terms by davidhchen

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Ni Hao II Lesson 1


(jīn tiān) - today

(yuè )- month; the moon

(hào) day of a month / (suffix used after) name of a ship / (ordinal) number


(nàme) - (indicating degree) so, such


(zuótiān) • yesterday


(míngtiān) tomorrow


(hòutiān )the day after tomorrow


(hǎo le hǎo le) - that's enough (to stop people from doing something)

(duì) correct

(cuò ) wrong


(diàoyú) to fish,diào-to fish with a hook and line; yú-fish


(kě yǐ )can / may / possible / able to

(xíng) all right / capable / competent / OK / okay / to go / to do / to travel / temporary / to walk / to go / will do

(yào )- to want; to be going to


(shàng xué) to go to school / to attend school


(xīngqī )week

(ò) - oh [to indicate realization]


(yǐ wéi )to believe / to think / to consider erroneously yǐ-to use; wéi-to do

(mǎi )- to buy

(rì) sun, dat

(wo) oh (surprise, understanding)

(shēng) to be born / to give birth / life / to grow


(shíhou) • time; moment

(tóng) like / same / similar / together / alike / with


(shuāngbāotāi) - twins

(qǐng) to ask / to invite / please (do sth) / to treat (to a meal, etc) / to request


(dàngāo) - cake

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