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  1. Stars
  2. External Threats and Opportunities
  3. Functional Strategy
  4. Why are most SWOT Analyses not valid?
  5. Concentration
  1. a BCG Category of Business: Businesses with high growth and a strong competitive position require heavy investment
  2. b They don't segment the data and they are too generalized.
  3. c corporate strategy of a single business in a single industry
  4. d Industry profile
    Industry growth
    Industry forces
    Competitor profile
    Competitor analysis
    Competitor advantages
    Legislation and regulatory activities
    Political activity
    Social issues
    Social interest groups
    Labor issues
    Macroeconomic conditions
    Technological factors
  5. e Strategies that are implemented by each functional area of the business to support the business strategy.
    Includes major functional areas like production, human resources, marketing, etc.
    The last strategy to be developed

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  1. Effective managers must pay close attention to the group process
    Appropriate leadership style
    Constructive use of disagreement and conflict
    Be the devil's advocate
    Enhancement of creativity
  2. S- Strengths

    W- Weaknesses

    O- Opportunities

    T- Threats
  3. Evaluate advantages, disadvantages, and potential effects of each alternative goal and plan.
    Prioritize the goals
    Consider the costs of each initiative and the likely investment return.
  4. system to support managers in evaluating the organizations progress regarding its strategy and when discrepancies exist, taking corrective action.
  5. corporate strategy of expanding the domain into supply channels or distributors

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  1. Strategic MissionAn organization's basic purpose and scope of operations.
    Clear and concise expression of the organization's basic purpose.


  2. Standing planA set of procedures for making decisions about long term goals and strategies.


  3. Concentric diversificationcorporate strategy moving into new businesses that relate to the original core business.


  4. Strategic goalsEvolve from the organization's mission and vision.
    The steps and processes to achieve the mission and vision


  5. Ways groups can hurtDominance by one
    GROUP THINK - pressure to avoid disagreement - Bad things can happen (Challenger Space Shuttle)
    Goal Displacement Lose site of original GOAL