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  1. Strategic plan
  2. Operational Planning
  3. Single Use Plan
  4. Six stages to formal decision making
  5. S. W. O. T
  1. a 1. Identify and diagnose problem
    2. Generate alternative solutions
    3. Evaluate alternatives
    4. Make the choice
    5. Implement the plan
    6. Evaluate and repeat
  2. b Frontline Managers
    identifies specific procedures and processess required to implement - focus is on rutine tasks like production and schedules
  3. c One time use - for things that likely won't happen again
  4. d S- Strengths

    W- Weaknesses

    O- Opportunities

    T- Threats
  5. e A set of procedures for making decisions about long term goals and strategies.

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  1. An organization's basic purpose and scope of operations.
    Clear and concise expression of the organization's basic purpose.
  2. corporate strategy moving into new businesses that relate to the original core business.
  3. corporate strategy of a single business in a single industry
  4. Plan B - an alternative plan in case the original plan doesn't work
  5. a process planners use, within time and resources constraints, to gather, interpret, and summarize all information relevant to the planning issue under consideration.
    Focus on:
    Internal forces at work in the organization
    Influences from the external environment.

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  1. DogsTarget or end that management desires to reach.
    Stresses creativity
    Encourages everyone to think broadly


  2. Cash cowsBCG Category of Business: - low-growth businesses with a strong competitive position that generates revenues in excess of their investment needs, so they fund other businesses


  3. Standing planOngoing activities. May become more permanent rules and policies


  4. Conglomerate diversificationcorporate strategy of expansion into unrelated businesses. GE - light bulbs and locomotives


  5. Implement planDefine strategic tasks.
    Assess organization capabilities.
    Develop an implementation agenda.
    Create an implementation plan.