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  1. Strategic Mission
  2. Strategic plan
  3. Ways groups can help
  4. Strategic goal
  5. Contingency Plan
  1. a major targets or end results relating to long-term survival, value and growth
  2. b An organization's basic purpose and scope of operations.
    Clear and concise expression of the organization's basic purpose.
  3. c Plan B - an alternative plan in case the original plan doesn't work
  4. d More info available
    Greater number of perspectives
    Stimulates discussion and thinking
    Encourages participation
    Leads to higher commitment
  5. e A set of procedures for making decisions about long term goals and strategies.

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  1. Ongoing activities. May become more permanent rules and policies
  2. S- Strengths

    W- Weaknesses

    O- Opportunities

    T- Threats
  3. Where will we be active?
    How will we get there?
    How will we win the marketplace?
    How fast will we move, and in what sequence will we make changes?
    How will we obtain financial returns?
  4. a strategy an organization uses to build competitive advantage by being unique in its industry or market segment along one or more dimensions. (Nordstrom)
  5. 1. Analyze the situation
    2. Alternative goals and plans
    3. Goal and plan evaluation
    4. Goal and plan selection
    5. Implementation
    6. Monitor and Control Performance

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  1. BenchmarkingDetermining how well one company's compare with another company or set of companies.
    Understanding "best practices" of other firms
    Take actions to achieve better performance and lower costs
    Ford, Corning, Toyota


  2. T. O. W. S. Analysisa process planners use, within time and resources constraints, to gather, interpret, and summarize all information relevant to the planning issue under consideration.
    Focus on:
    Internal forces at work in the organization
    Influences from the external environment.


  3. Tactical PlanningFrontline Managers
    identifies specific procedures and processess required to implement - focus is on rutine tasks like production and schedules


  4. Business Strategya strategy an organization uses to build competitive advantage by being efficient and offering a standard, no-frills product. (Walmart)


  5. Operational PlanningMiddle Level and Lower Level
    translates broad strategic into specific goals and plans relevent to the particular part of the org