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  1. Strategic goals
  2. Ways groups can hurt
  3. Vertical integration
  4. Conglomerate diversification
  5. Core competence
  1. a Evolve from the organization's mission and vision.
    The steps and processes to achieve the mission and vision
  2. b corporate strategy of expanding the domain into supply channels or distributors
  3. c corporate strategy of expansion into unrelated businesses. GE - light bulbs and locomotives
  4. d Dominance by one
    GROUP THINK - pressure to avoid disagreement - Bad things can happen (Challenger Space Shuttle)
    Goal Displacement Lose site of original GOAL
  5. e A unique skill and/or knowledge an organization possesses that gives it an edge over competitors

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  1. corporate strategy moving into new businesses that relate to the original core business.
  2. Ongoing activities. May become more permanent rules and policies
  3. Plan B - an alternative plan in case the original plan doesn't work
  4. S- Strengths

    W- Weaknesses

    O- Opportunities

    T- Threats
  5. High Growth, Weak Competitive position: Question marks

    High Growth, Strong Competitive position: Stars

    Low Growth, Weak Competitive position: Dogs

    Low Growth, Strong Competitive position: Cash Cows

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  1. Operational PlanningMiddle Level and Lower Level
    translates broad strategic into specific goals and plans relevent to the particular part of the org


  2. Question MarksBCG Category of Business: high-growth, weak-competitive position businesses require substantial investment to improve their position, or else they should be divested.


  3. Goals:Target or end that management desires to reach.
    Stresses creativity
    Encourages everyone to think broadly


  4. Analyze internal strengths and weaknessesInternal resource analysis
    Financial analysis
    Human resources assessment
    Marketing audit
    Operations analysis
    Other internal resource analyses


  5. Strategic Management ProcessEvolve from the organization's mission and vision.
    The steps and processes to achieve the mission and vision