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  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Goals:
  3. Corporate Strategy
  4. Question Marks
  5. Strategic goal
  1. a Identifies the set of businesses, markets, or industries in which the organization competes as well as how the resources are distributed.
    WHERE you do business.
  2. b Top Level Management
    effectiveness, efficiency, market share, profit, ROI,
  3. c major targets or end results relating to long-term survival, value and growth
  4. d BCG Category of Business: high-growth, weak-competitive position businesses require substantial investment to improve their position, or else they should be divested.
  5. e Target or end that management desires to reach.
    Stresses creativity
    Encourages everyone to think broadly

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  1. Define strategic tasks.
    Assess organization capabilities.
    Develop an implementation agenda.
    Create an implementation plan.
  2. a. Illusion of Control = over-confidence
    b. framing effects - painting a pretty picture
    c. discounting the future - focusing only on short term
  3. a strategy an organization uses to build competitive advantage by being efficient and offering a standard, no-frills product. (Walmart)
  4. corporate strategy of expansion into unrelated businesses. GE - light bulbs and locomotives
  5. 1. Analyze the situation
    2. Alternative goals and plans
    3. Goal and plan evaluation
    4. Goal and plan selection
    5. Implementation
    6. Monitor and Control Performance

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  1. Standing planA set of procedures for making decisions about long term goals and strategies.


  2. BCG MatrixHigh Growth, Weak Competitive position: Question marks

    High Growth, Strong Competitive position: Stars

    Low Growth, Weak Competitive position: Dogs

    Low Growth, Strong Competitive position: Cash Cows


  3. 3 levels of planningTop Level Management
    effectiveness, efficiency, market share, profit, ROI,


  4. Vertical integrationcorporate strategy of a single business in a single industry


  5. Cash cowsBCG Category of Business: - low-growth businesses with a strong competitive position that generates revenues in excess of their investment needs, so they fund other businesses