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  1. Conglomerate diversification
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Goals:
  4. Cash cows
  5. Strategic Vision
  1. a corporate strategy of expansion into unrelated businesses. GE - light bulbs and locomotives
  2. b The long-term direction and strategic intent of a company.
    Points to the future
    Inspire organization members
    Offer a worthwhile target for the entire organization to work together to achieve.
    Points to where the organization is headed and what it can become
  3. c Determining how well one company's compare with another company or set of companies.
    Understanding "best practices" of other firms
    Take actions to achieve better performance and lower costs
    Ford, Corning, Toyota
  4. d BCG Category of Business: - low-growth businesses with a strong competitive position that generates revenues in excess of their investment needs, so they fund other businesses
  5. e Target or end that management desires to reach.
    Stresses creativity
    Encourages everyone to think broadly

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  1. They don't segment the data and they are too generalized.
  2. Industry profile
    Industry growth
    Industry forces
    Competitor profile
    Competitor analysis
    Competitor advantages
    Legislation and regulatory activities
    Political activity
    Social issues
    Social interest groups
    Labor issues
    Macroeconomic conditions
    Technological factors
  3. Internal resource analysis
    Financial analysis
    Human resources assessment
    Marketing audit
    Operations analysis
    Other internal resource analyses
  4. Evolve from the organization's mission and vision.
    The steps and processes to achieve the mission and vision
  5. More info available
    Greater number of perspectives
    Stimulates discussion and thinking
    Encourages participation
    Leads to higher commitment

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  1. Vertical integrationcorporate strategy of a single business in a single industry


  2. Strategic goalEvolve from the organization's mission and vision.
    The steps and processes to achieve the mission and vision


  3. DogsBCG Category of Business: low-growth, weak-competitive-position businesses should be divested after their remaining revenues are realized


  4. When evaluating goals and plans, need to :Evaluate advantages, disadvantages, and potential effects of each alternative goal and plan.
    Prioritize the goals
    Consider the costs of each initiative and the likely investment return.


  5. Question MarksBCG Category of Business: high-growth, weak-competitive position businesses require substantial investment to improve their position, or else they should be divested.


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