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  1. tertiary colours
  2. shape
  3. value
  4. silhouettes
  5. colour
  1. a the combination of hue, value and chroma
  2. b are made by mixing two secondary or a primary and secondary colour together
  3. c shapes made by garments
  4. d the exterior edge of an area
  5. e use of neutrals which is described by the value scale

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  1. the lightness/darkness of a hue
  2. the nature of a surface
  3. bell, bustle, wedge, tube, hourglass, square, a-line
  4. arent mixed from others
  5. tactile and visual

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  1. space unites or definesfeatures


  2. linea series of connecting points that have direction, width and length


  3. spacethe area designed on


  4. space providesvisual rest


  5. chromathe combination of hue, value and chroma


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