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  1. different texture combinations
  2. space accentuates or softens
  3. space
  4. space unites or defines
  5. space provides
  1. a rough/matt, rough/glossy, smooth/matt, smooth/glossy
  2. b the area designed on
  3. c features
  4. d visual rest
  5. e shapes

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  1. bell, bustle, wedge, tube, hourglass, square, a-line
  2. arent mixed from others
  3. emotions
  4. are hues with black added to them
  5. are made by mixing two primary colours

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  1. value isuse of neutrals which is described by the value scale


  2. tertiary coloursare made by mixing two secondary or a primary and secondary colour together


  3. line dividesgarments


  4. colouruse of neutrals which is described by the value scale


  5. tintshues with white added to them