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  1. space
  2. secondary colours
  3. types of texture
  4. shape
  5. line divides
  1. a tactile and visual
  2. b the area designed on
  3. c the exterior edge of an area
  4. d garments
  5. e are made by mixing two primary colours

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  1. shapes
  2. arent mixed from others
  3. rough/matt, rough/glossy, smooth/matt, smooth/glossy
  4. bell, bustle, wedge, tube, hourglass, square, a-line
  5. the nature of a surface

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  1. shadesare hues with black added to them


  2. tintshues with white added to them


  3. space providesgarments


  4. space unites or definesshapes


  5. valueuse of neutrals which is described by the value scale