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Life science Chapter 10


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How would we describe the vast majority of mutations?
Epoch, era, period
What are the three time lengths that evolutionists use?
Land and plants
What did God make one the third day?
The fifth day
What did God make Sea animals and birds?
Land animals and Man
What did God make on the sixth day?
Who is most noted for the theory of natural selection?
An extinct arthropod similar to modern day horseshoe crabs.
A person who makes scientific observations.
Most evolutionists believe that the primary means of biological evolution come by what process/theory?
According to Biological evolution what were the most likely land animals?
An extinct bird often times claimed as a missing link.
The evolutionary time frame that has several periods in it.
Missing link
An "in-between organism" that must have lived if one type of organism evolved into another.
The islands where Darwin did observations of birds.
Any evidence or remains of a previously living organism.
Old-Earth Creationist
These people generally believe the Bible and the world are equal books of revelation.
Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics
Cutting off the tails for many generations was done to disprove what?
Happens when large slabs of the earth's crust slide over each other.
Irreducible complexity
A single system that is well matched interacting parts such that removal of one part of the system causes the system to fail.
Germ mutation
A genetic change that could be passed on to the offspring.
Biological evolution
The gradual change of one kind of organism into another.
H.M.S. Beagle
The ship on which did Darwin sail.
Natural selection only works for characteristics already in _________.
Common ancestor
An organism that evolutionists claim has the different groups of organisms as its offspring.
How many missing links are there in the evolutionary phylogenetic tree.
fossil record
The record of living things as recorded in rock.
In the ____________ time frame, epochs make up periods, and period make up eras!