42 terms

CPE Idioms

Have an ace in the hole
ST you can use to gain advantage when you need it.
The acid test
St that will prove St's usefulness or effectiveness
A class act
Person who is very good at what they do.
A hard act to follow
SO or ST that was so impressive that whatever comes next won't impress as much
Much ado about nothing
Making a fuss about ST that is not important or significant
A hidden agenda
Suspect that SO is secretly trying to achieve ST while they appear to be doing ST else.
Into thin air
SO or ST that vanishes without a trace.
A smart alec
SO who thinks they know 'everything'. Negative connotation.
Eat someone alive
SO or ST seems a great threat and may destroy you.
That's all she wrote
expression when there is no more to say or ST is finished.
Raise the ante
Increase the demands or risks taken possibly meaning greater losses.
Go ape
Behave in a crazy manner
Whet SO's appetite
Little 'taste' of ST that increases your desire for particular thing.
A bad apple
SO is dishonest, immoral or unpleasant
Apples and oranges
Comparing 2 things that are completely different.
Cost an arm and a leg
ST that costs a lot (pay, spend and charge also possible)
Twist SO's arm
SO trying hard to persuade you. Sometimes used sardonically.
A straight arrow
SO conventional, honest and moral
A rude awakening
Forced to realise unpleasant truth.
To be given the axe
Lose your job or ST cancelled or ended suddenly
A babe in arms
A way of describing SO very young.
Throw the baby out with the bathwater
Not to reject ST completely just because of some faults, other things might be good.
Behind your back
So says or does unkind or unpleasant things to a person without the person's knowledge of it.
Stab SO in the back
A person you trust does ST that hurts or betrays you.
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
Do ST for me and I'll do ST for you.
Bend over backwards
To try very hard to help or please SO even if it causes difficulties for you.
Bring home the bacon
The person whose salary supports the family.
In the bag
You feel certain you will get it or achieve it.
A ball and chain
A person who restricts your freedom, usually a spouse or boy/girlfriend.
Play ball
You agree to do or work with SO for mutual benefit.
Go ballistic
SO gets extremely angry and behaves irrationally.
In the ballpark
Estimate or approximation of ST which is close to 'right' number.
Have SO over a barrel
SO has a person in a position they cannot possibly win.
A basket case
Informally calling SO crazy or insane.
Spill the beans
Reveal truth about ST secret or private.
An eager beaver
To describe SO as enthusiastic about work or to please others. Usually to express your annoyance.
At SO's beck and call
SO who is always ready to carry out another's orders or wishes even if unreasonable.
The bee's knees
Light hearted way to describe ST or ST you really like.
Get too big for your britches/boots
way of criticise SO for behaving as if they are more clever than they are.
Chomp at the bit
You are impatient to do ST but are prevented from doing it.
Bite off more than you can chew
SO is trying to do ST that is far to difficult to manage.
A wet blanket
SO or ST that spoils your fun and takes pleasure out of a situation.