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Real Reading 1 Chapter 10 - Christian the Lion


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alone (adj.)
if you are alone in a place, there is no one with you
appear (v.)
to be written or shown on a list, in a book or newspaper, in a document etc
convince (v.)
to make someone feel certain that something is true
department store (n.)
a large shop that is divided into separate departments, each selling a different type of goods
hear about (phr. v.)
to be told or find out a piece of information
hug (v.)
to put your arms around someone and hold them tightly to show love or friendship
owner (n.)
someone who owns something; the boss of a business
ride (v.)
to travel in a bus, car, or other vehicle that you are not driving
throw yourself (v.)
to move or jump somewhere suddenly and with a lot of force
toward (prep.)
used to say that someone or something moves, looks, faces etc in the direction of someone or something

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