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Real Reading 1 Chapter 12 - Swarm Intelligence


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chance (n.)
the way some things happen without being planned or caused by people
collect (v.)
to get things of the same type from different places and bring them together
fight (v.)
to try very hard to prevent something or to get rid of something unpleasant that already exists
illness (n.)
a disease of the body or mind, or the condition of being ill
intelligence (n.)
the ability to learn, understand, and think about things
organized (adj.)
involving people working together in an effective and well-planned way
path (n.)
a track that has been made deliberately or made by many people walking over the same ground
rule (n.)
what you should do in a particular situation, or a statement about this
solve (v.)
to find or provide a way of dealing with a problem
without (prep.)
used to say that a particular thing has not happened when someone does something

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