Exam 3


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A computer ________ is two or more computers connected using software and hardware so that they can communicate with each other.
A ________ is any device connected to a network such as a computer, printer, or game console.
Some of the responsibilities of a(n) ________ are installing new hardware and software on the network and monitoring performance
network administrator
Which of the following is NOT a common network architecture type?
a) intraoffice area network (IAN)
b) personal area network (PAN)
c) local area network (LAN)
d) home area network (HAN)
intraoffice area network (IAN)
A network that spans a large physical distance is called a ________.
A client/server network is an example of ________ administration.
Which of the following is NOT a standard for wireless fidelity Ethernet networks?
a) 802.11g
b) 802.11ac
c) 802.11ab
d) 802.11n
Which of the following is NOT a type of cable used in wired networks?
a) Unshielded twisted-pair
b) Fiber-optic
c) Unshielded coaxial
d) Coaxial
Unshielded coaxial
The most popular transmission media option for wired home Ethernet networks is ________ cable.
unshielded twisted-pair (UTP)
For the nodes on a network to communicate with each other and access the network, each node needs a ________.
network adapter
On a network, a(n) ________ helps prevent data packets from colliding with each other.
To transfer data packets between two or more networks, a ________ is used.
Data are sent through a network in bundles called ________.
All of the following operating systems support P2P networking EXCEPT ________.
a) Linux
b) Windows
c) OS X
d) Unix
Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs specialized software called a(n) ________.
network operating system (NOS)
Which of the following is NOT a wired broadband Internet connection option?
a) DSL
b) Dial-up
c) Cable
d) Fiber-optic
A(n) ________ device facilitates file sharing and data backup.
Using a network without the network owner's permission is known as ________.
All of the following are extra precautions you can take to secure a wireless network EXCEPT ________.
a) change your network name (SSID)
b) turn on security protocols
c) enable SSID broadcast
d) create a passphrase
enable SSID broadcast
The unique number assigned to a network adapter by the manufacturer is referred to as the ________ address.
Some 3d printers work by controlling the exact locations where a liquid ________ will be exposed to oxygen and become solid.
What is iOS?
A specific operating system for mobile devices
The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ________.
Google ________ is an online store that delivers software for Android devices.
A(n) ________ chip converts sound waves from a voice into digital signal.
analog-to-digital converter
A ________ is a geographical area with a base transceiver station at its center.
Many mobile devices include a mini- ________ port.
Which is true of SMS messages?
They can only contain a limited number of characters.
You can send messages that include photos and videos between mobile devices using ________ technology.
multimedia message service (MMS)
A cellular Internet connectivity plan is also known as a ________ plan.
VoIP uses ________ technology similar to email to transmit voice over the Internet.
A main difference between the tablet and the smartphone is the ________.
screen size
Which of the following mobile devices has the largest display?
a) Phablet
b) Feature phone
c) Tablet
d) Smartphone
Which of the following is NOT true about e-books?
a) They weigh less than physical books.
b) They are always PDF file format.
c) You can annotate them with your own notes.
d) You can borrow them from the library.
They are always PDF file format.
What is the easiest way to synch your phone wirelessly?
A cloud service
Which of the following is not an example of a digital music file format?
a) .aac
b) .wav
c) .mp3
d) .accdb
Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion?
a) Converting rate
b) Simplifying rate
c) Conversion rate
d) Sampling rate
Sampling rate
Which of the following digital image formats compresses the image file?
c) WAV
d) PDF
Which of the following is NOT a video file extension?
a) .mpg
b) .jpg
c) .mov
d) .avi
A(n) ________ cable carries all audio and video information from devices to a connected TV.
All of the following were top cybercrimes reported to the IC3 EXCEPT ________.
a) identity theft
b) non-auction scam
c) advance fee fraud
d) theft of services
theft of services
Which of the following is formally defined as any criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computer?
FBI-related scams involve ________.
people pretending to represent official organizations such as the Dept. of Homeland Security or IRS
Creating and distributing ________ is one of the most widespread types of cybercrimes.
computer viruses
All of the following activities may infect your computer with a virus EXCEPT ________.
a) sharing flash drives
b) downloading or running an e-mail attachment file
c) downloading video files from peer-to-peer sites
d) printing a document
printing a document
Which type of virus was the famous Michelangelo virus?
A time bomb
A ________ is a virus that is triggered on a certain date.
time bomb
A ________ is a virus that is attached to documents such as Word or Excel files.
macro virus
With regard to computer protection, quarantining is defined as ________.
placing a found virus in a secure area on the hard drive
A(n) ________ is the portion of virus code that is unique to a particular computer virus.
virus signature
A packet analyzer is a program that can enable a hacker to do all of the following EXCEPT ________.
a) use your debit card information to purchase items illegally
b) assume your identity
c) steal your logons and passwords for various accounts
d) launch a denial of service (DoS) attack on your computer
launch a denial of service (DoS) attack on your computer
A ________ allows a hacker to gain access to your computer and take almost complete control of it without your knowledge.
________ floods a computer with requests until it shuts down and refuses to answer any requests for information.
A DDoS attack
A ________ is named after a housing construction feature that slows the spread of fires from house to house.
Rules for creating passwords include all of the following EXCEPT ________.
a) use a dictionary to find a lengthy word that is easy to remember
b) use letters, numbers and symbols in your passwords
c) change your password frequently
d) keep your password a secret
use a dictionary to find a lengthy word that is easy to remember
Adware and spyware are referred to collectively as ________.
________ is a program that gathers information about your surfing habits without your knowledge.
Which of the following statements about cookies is NOT true?
a) Cookies are text files.
b) Cookies help companies determine the traffic flow through their website.
c) Cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard drive.
d) Some companies sell the personal information found in cookies to other companies.
Cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard drive.
When malicious code is planted on your computer and alters your browser's ability to find web addresses, it is known as ________.
Using your computer for non-work activities while you are being paid to work is known as ________.