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forgivenessthe ethical problem for Christianitytwo options to open a person/punishment1. person takes punishment 2. jesus you take the punishment for mewhy should we forgive?we have been forgiven"I forgive you""I wont make you pay"- we bare the price of the wrong doing- let the other person go. left w/recognition of being hurt, but taking itforgiveness does not mean1. you didn't mean it 2. it didn't really hurt 3. it wasn't really your fault 4. I will make myself vulnerable again/trust you again/forgetprochoice positionargument of rights. rights of the woman/personal freedom/ what will be done to her body. no one has the right to disrupt the life another person. mother is the individual whose rights are questionedprolife positionargument of morality. morally wrong to take the life of another arbitrarily. freedom to choose behavior but not consequences"thou shalt not kill"means told take the soulmurdering or notkey= does it have a soul?when does the soul enter the body?Judaism- baby takes first breath muslim- after 40 days, or after 120 days catholic- soul is instantly present at conception Augustine- greatest theological thinker. when the baby can feel anything protestant- wide variety of viewsGod is the only person who knows about the soulEcc 11:5- spirit enters the bonesweaknesses of prochoice1. no one has the right to do whatever they want with their body 2. issue is not about woman's body, but about baby's 3. society has a right to restrict what you can do to somebody else's bodyweakness of prolifewe don't know when the being in the womb is a person/gets a soulsame sex marriagesupreme court has made it legal but not moralreasons for allowing ssm1. I came into the world being this way 2. if some people can marry whoever they want, all should be able to 3. no one else's business who I marry 4. there is no difference in the loving/committed relationship 5. homosexuality relationships have been accepted/recognized, so should we. 6. religious beliefs of some people should not restrict the freedom of those who do not believe the same thing 7. nobody else is being hurtrebutals of ssm1. scientifically weak argument that it is genetics 2. no body can marry whoever they want to 3. society has a vested interest in responsibility for maintaining the family 4. sexual behavior not the relationship is the problem. 5. bad morals in other societies don't become good morals in others 6. no society allows the minorities to pick/choose what laws they should follow. gay minority = 0.6-2.8% 7. the two ppl are being hurt. the nation is being hurt. family is being hurtranges of masculinity/feminitywe are born with. traits are not moral/immoral. the behavior is illegal/immoralGod says its not good for man to be alonehe needs a helper so he created woman. Bible always speaks about husband and wife relationship- it is blessed. God says homosexual relationships are an testament says homosexualityis just as severe as OT. but homosexuality is not unforgiveablejohn locke said our three natural rights arelife liberty propertywhat does it mean that these rights are natural and conditional?we are born with them, God gave them to usdeclaration of independence says the origin of these rights are?from our creatorwhat is the government's role in these rightssecure the rights instituted by manin what way are ppl to be equal according to natural rights philosophyequal under the lawwhat is another name for positive rights?entitlementswhat does positive rights philosophy proposerights come from government not godwhat did Karl Marx believe about positive rights?government could interfere with peoples rights/lifewhat is the summary of Marx's theory?communism. to each according to his need: from each according to his abilitywhat did Marx believe about profit?criminal/stealing from workersmarx believed that every communist society would eventually not use money at allget to a classless society/ no lazinessaccording to marx, how was human nature going to be changed by communism?everyone would have what they need/ no greedinessrights- which places emphasis on liberty and individual responsibility; which de-emphasizes liberty and individual responsibilityNR- liberty/individual responsibility PR- de emphasizeswe have naturally by virtue of being humannatural rightsbasic of socialismpositive rightsbasic to democracynatural rightscan never be taken awaynatural rightsgranted to us by the governmentpositive rightscan be given, taken, modified, reducedpositive rightswhat is the only limit to our natural rightssomeone else's rightsfor the gov to take money from the rich (taxes) and redistribute it to the poor is an example ofpositive rightsfor the gov to take money from those who have earned it (the rich) and give it to those who have not is a violation ofnatural rightsthe argument FOR redistribution of wealth is based on the belief that everyone does not have the same opportunity to succeed and therefore calls forpositive rightsthe argument AGAINST is that the gov has no right to take our property, including the money of the wealthy and therefore is supported byNatural rights4 reasons to punish wrong behavior1. no punish- says the behavior was right (punish a define behavior) 2. wrong be punished- (personal and natural sense of justice) 3. to prevent chaos in the society 4. punishment not forgiveness- only force that can uphold justiceapproaches to punishment1. deterrence- keep other people from doing wrong behavior. swift and soon after the action 2. rehabilitation- make them a better person 3. in capitation- person can hurt others 4. retribution- person pays for the wrong they've done6 reason to oppose capital punishment1. cruel and unusual 2. state sanctioned murder 3. state executes innocent ppl 4. no one has the right to take someone else's life 5. executing someone does not serve as a deterrent 6. doesn't help anybodyrebuttal for reasons opposing capital punishment1. doesn't meet the definition of cruel- state doesn't execute by torture. 2. preaching a guilty person/judicial punishment 3. were gonna make mistakes. choose which is less bad- executes some ppl. guilty go unpunished 4. no single person is taking life of someone else 5. not meant as deterrent/ retribution. 1936 last public hanging 6. help 2 agents: 1. family of victim (closure) 2. society as a whole