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This country is Not included in NASWA realm


NASWA is referred to except

The Far East

not an old world culture hearth?

mecca area

Least influenced by spread of Islam


Shi'ite Muslims constitute great majority of which coutnry


about 85% Muslims consider themselves to be


Which of the countries not a major oil producer?


dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia is


empire that ruled over much of SW Asia before WWI was


Aswan High Dam is located on the

Nile River

Egypt's peasant farmers are:


Darfur province located in central west of


North African excalves of Ceuta and Mellila associated with


Which north African country fought war against the French


country is smallest in North Africa but has highest GNI per capita in North Africa


In Iraq, Shi'ite population concentrated in


Iraq's oil cities of Kirkuk and Mosul are located within area of __population


Who had a religious freedom restricted by Saddam Hussein


The Syrians have lost which piece of territory to Israelis

The Golan Heights

Jordan has absorbed large numbers of:


Most populous city in NASWA


modern state of Israel created in:


What was created from territory that was formerly administered by the British?


The United Nations gave Jeruslem to Israelis under 1947 partition


From 1949-1967 West Jerusalem was controlled by

United Nations

Which is not located in Arabian Peninsula


country that controls Musandam Peninsula that protrudes into Persian Gulf is


the choke point known as ___ lies between Yemen Djibouti

Bab el Mandeb Strait

Ottoman Empire headquartered in city of:


Which of the following religions would have benefited most from creation of a single regional government by British?


What term defined as period of rule describes sway of British control in South Asian realm


Which of the following responsible for modern-day political boundaries in South Asia realm

British rule

Which is not country of SA realm?


Why is Pakistan to be considered part of SA realm

all of the above

what is name of disputed territory between Pakistan and India


where in South Asia does monsoon dry out?


what physiographic region includes Bhutan and Nepal

Northern mountains

what mountain in South Asia is world's tallest peak?


what do northern mountains look like in east SA area of Arunachal Pradesh?

densely vegetated

what is the river lowlands physiographic region called in the east?

North Indian Plain

When did Indus valley civilization emerge?

2500 BC

Which describes Indus valley civilization


when did Indo-Euro speaking peoples invade northern India?

1500 BC

where did peoples speaking Indo-Euro languages come from?


Which of the following was a religious belief system introduced by Indo-Europeans speaking peoples to northern India


what is one thought for emergence of social stratification (CASTE) in N. India?

Legitimate religious beliefs

what term describes system of power ranking based on class and religion

Caste system

When did caste system emerge?

3500 years ago

why is caste system highly controversial in West

all of the above

what has recently been eroding Hindu system of social stratification

all of the above

where In the world realm did Hinduism spread to?

Southeast Asia

where in SA do Indo-Euro languages Dominate

Northern and Western parts

when did Buddhism emerge in SA?

500 BC

where in SA did Buddhism Arise?

The Ganges Basin

what groups of people has Buddhism appealed to

All of the above

how many people in India adhere to Buddhism?

1 percent

how many practice Jainism?

1 percent

what political entity established by Muslims in northern basin of India?

Mughal Empire

What modern day Islamic state established by Muslims that arrived by sea?


the following are the busiest container ports in Asia except


Powdery wind-blown soil formed from pulverization by glaciers called:


Japan's economic growth well underway by


country of the "people of Han"


was a pivotal and formative period in Chinese history, when the Chinese sphere of influence was enlarged, land reform occurred, external trade commenced

Han Dynasty

Mao Zedong's proclamation creating communist People's Republic of China announced in


China's current population is closest to:

1.3 billion

which of the following regions often called Manchuria by uninformed foreigners?

Northeast China

which is one of world's most heavily populated agricultural areas:

The North China Plain

which of the following is Chinese name for Tibet?


leader who took over in China following struggle after Mao's death was:

Deng Xiaoping

which of the following is not special economic zone?


which of the following has not been important in development of Shenzhen as an SEZ?

the socialist economic principles

which of the following lies just across old Chinese border from Hong Kong


SEZ located closest to China's largest city is


which of the following not occupied by Japan during WW II


marked the beginning of Japan's modernization and generated its economic and military transformation

Meiji Restoration

This was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo by Meiji rulers

Japan's capital

Most Japanese are Buddhists


is expected to decline over the next half-century

Japan's population

Japan's leading region of urbanization and industry and agriculture is the

Kanto Plain

Largest conurbation in Japan is:


region in Japan best situated to do business with Korea and China is


by 2100 Japan's current population of 128 million expected to shrink to about

67 million

Japan's recent economic problems are a result of all the following except

three major earthquakes

a military stalemate resulting in the continued division of the country

outcome of the Korean war

South Korea's growth resulted from economic system

state capitalism

tawian was at one time a colony of


Taiwan is located off the coast of:


the Taiwanese cannot keep pace economically with the mainland Chinese


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