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  1. Cosmos
  2. Determinism
  3. Deism
  4. Heloentric
  5. Humanism (Renesance)
  1. a belief that the sun is the center of the universe
  2. b the thought that everything is predetermined
  3. c God is a supreme being who reveals himself through nature
  4. d the totality of all existing things
  5. e cultural and intellectual movement of the Renesance that emphasised secular concerns as a result of the discovery and study of literature, art, and civilization of Rome and Greece

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  1. the economic and political theories of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engles that hold human actions and institutions are economicaly determined and that class struggle is neede to create historical change and that capitalism will ultimately be superseeded by communism
  2. view that the world consists of or is explicable as to two fundamental entities such as mind and matter
  3. described by Hume: "it consists of two different experiences which are not in fact related but nevertheless are associated in man's imagination" (Example: angel)
  4. study of being or reality
  5. concerned with the existence of each individual (assumes people are free- truth is relative)

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  1. Fatalismbelief that our events are determined by fate (everything is predetermined)


  2. Pahthesma disbelief in or denial of the existence of a God or gods


  3. Rationalismidea that the exercise of reason, rather than experience, authority, or spiritual revelation provides the primaary basis for knowledge


  4. Monotheisma disbelief in or denial of the existence of a God or gods


  5. Epicureanismthe beliefs that the aim in life should be to obtain the highest possible pleasure