Short Story: The Story of an HourQUIZ

10 terms by KiaraWay

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When Mrs. Mallard reflects that, "It was only yesterday she had thought with a shudder that life might be long," she becomes aware of the irony that she

now desired something she had previously feared.

Why does Mrs. Mallard refuse her sister Josephine's offer to keep her company?

Mrs. Mallard needs privacy to confront her true feelings.

What is the meaning of the following passage from the story?

She now understands that imposing your own will on someone is a crime, no matter whether the intention is cruel or kind.

After the initial storm of tears, Mrs. Mallard's response to the news of her husband's death is motivated largely by a wave of


Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" is a powerful illustration of the

cruel irony of fate.

Why is Richards so concerned about "bearing the sad message" to Mrs. Mallard himself?

He knows she won't believe the story unless he confirms it.

What is the best reason for considering the title "The Story of an Hour" ironic?

In the title, the "story" actually refers to that of Louise's life.

What word best characterizes this statement about Louise's feeling for her husband?


Which vocabulary word best suggests Mrs. Mallard's emotional state regarding her marriage before she hears of her husband's death?


What was the result of Josephine's importunities outside her sister's door?

They persuaded Mrs. Mallard to leave her room.

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