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(n): Someone who is indebted to a feudal lord - - Mary makes Rosaline swear to be her ___ therefore insuring her allegiance to Mary


(adj): Shamelessly bold or disrespectful; insolent; saucy - - Bon Qui Qui is an ___ cashier at King Burger


(adj): Bold & w/out shame; harsh in sound - - Malaika ___ly lets her freak flag fly


(n): A person obstinately devoted to his or her own opinions & prejudices - - Because of the homosexual theme in The Children's Hour, the play was subject to much ___ry when it was released


(adj): Having high standards; difficult to please - - I was so excited when i finally received an A on my essay because my ___ teacher rarely gives good grades


(adj): Designed or intended to teach - - Because I'm a teacher, many people interpret my advice as being ___ in tone


(n): Deception by artful subterfuge; trickery - - Mary's ___ in The Children's Hour has disastrous effects


(adj): Insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic - - When I told my sister about breaking up with my boyfriend, her ___ response was, "So?"


(n): A new word or expression - - "Legit" is one of the newest ___s to become popular at Holton


(adj): Characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit - - Because the students didn't get enough sleep the night before, they were quite ___ in class


(n): A feeling of embarrassment & annoyance b/c one has failed or been disappointed - - The students were filled w/ ___ after realizing that the Scribble article about Justin Bieber was an April Fool's joke


(adj): Very satisfactory - - In effort to keep things ___, I just agreed with her opinion & didn't argue


(adj): Forbidding in its bareness & lack of any ornament; relieving pleasant prospect - - The ___ landscape of the southwest is common in Georgie O'Keefe paintings


(n): A mischievous or dishonest person; scoundrel; scamp - - Mary Tilford is quite a ___ in the play The Children's Hour as she single-handedly destroys the lives of two women


(n): A fear or aversion to work - - I think my unemployed sister might suffer from ___


(adj): In a turned or twisted position or direction: askew - - To confuse the students on April Fools, the teacher situated the desks ___


(v): To speak or write in a pompous manner - - I broke up w/ my pompous ex-boyfriend because of his ___ing in his letters


(adj): Juvenile; immature - - My boyfriend is so mature, he is anything but ___


(adj): Of, or relating to, or characteristics of a wife - - Cooking, cleaning, & baking are all ___ duties from the 1950's


(adj): Devoid of sluperfluity; short; brusque - - I was so angry at my mother that I could only give her ___ "yes" or "no" responses

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