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Which of the following activities best helps develop oral language proficiency for English-language learners speaking at an intermediate level of English-Language proficiency?

A.Having Conversations with the teacher
B. Answering comprehension questions in class
C. Writing narrative stories in English
D. Viewing dramatic TV shows
A. Having conversations with the teacher
A teacher has students take turns pulling pieces of paper with affixes and roots written on them out of a container. Students must create a word with the root or affix and construct a sentence using that word correctly. The activity will best help students develop an understanding of word meanings based on which of the following?

A. Structure
B. Context clues
C. Syntax
D. Pragmatics
A. Structure
Using a KWL chart when reading an expository text best helps students with which of the following skills?

A. Setting a purpose for reading by eliciting prior knowledge
B. Comparing and contrasting elements of the text by sorting information
C. Incorporating evidence to support claims by returning to the text
D. Distinguishing factual claims from opinions by evaluating language in the text
A. Setting a purpose
A teacher points out the following sentence from a text the class is reading.
-After getting stuck behind a school bus, it took an eternity for us to get to school.-
The sentence provides an effective model for using which of the following types of figurative language?

A. Extended metaphor
B. Dramatic irony
C. Onomatopoeia
D. Hyperbole
D. Hyperbole
A teacher reads the following two sentences from a book report written by an eighth-grade student.
-The Outsiders describes teenage boys growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, and having to compete with rich kids. They encounter lots of trouble along the way, but learn in the end that everyone sees the same sunset.-

The teacher should first help the student correct the errors in

A. comma usage
B. run-on sentences
C. Subject-verb agreement
D. verb tense
A. comma usage
A teacher wants students to conduct a self-assessment of their writing over an extended period of time. Which of the following activities best meets the objective?

A. Applying color-coding strategies to rough drafts of essays as a typical revision activity during the year
B. Scoring sample essays written by other students using appropriate research-based rubrics as a weekly activity
C. Using a variety of writing topics as journal starters over the course of the year
D. Selecting several examples of their writing that demonstrate their ability to meet objectives they studied throughout a semester
Which of the following is an example of a cinematographer influencing the audience's perception of a subject by controlling the light in the shot?

A. Using a close-up shot of an actor's face to highlight the character's happy expression
B. Using a set that includes many horizontal lines behind the main action
C. Showing an actor in the shadows to suggest the character's evil intentions
D. Showing two people walking toward the camera using a long shot
A student has created note cards containing facts and information to answer specific research questions about a self-selected topic. Which of the following steps should the students take next to complete the research paper?

A. Discussing the research with a small group of peers for feedback and guidance
B. Completing a summary of the ideas, incorporating one note card per paragraph
C. Sorting the cards by the questions that are answered to identify any gaps in the research
D. Writing a rough draft of the research paper that incorporates the facts from the note cards
A student demonstrates success with fluency during oral reading circles but has difficulty relating to the text. Because of this difficulty, the student will most likely struggle with which of the following?

A. Writing about the text
B. Reading the text out loud
C. Listening to the text read aloud
D. Decoding words within the text
Students are beginning to read an informational article distributed by the teacher. Which of the following journal notes demonstrates that a student is focusing on the organization of the text?
select ALL that apply

A. I am supposed to learn about Egyptian culture from the article
B. I remember learning about Cleopatra last year
C. Each page has a picture of the culture with a note about it
D. The section about the class system is really confusing
E. I noticed that the important words were in bold print
Which of the following is an appropriate guideline to give students for analyzing a poem?

A. A poem's figurative meaning is usually understood before its literal meaning
B. there is usually one correct way to interpret the meaning of a poem
C. A strong interpretation of a poem usually includes evidence from the text
D. A poem's rhyme scheme usually guides the literal understanding of a poem
An English teacher has students read and analyze the following stanza from William Blake's poem "A Poison Tree."

I was angry with a friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with a foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow

12. To best help students understand the underlying meaning of the stanza, on which of the following should teacher focus first?

A. opposing elements
B. Shifts in point of view
C. Descriptive imagery
D. Line Length
Which of the following is the most accurate paraphrase of the stanza?

A. I was upset with my pal, but he apologized, so my anger went away. I was upset with my enemy, and he also apologized, but I was still mad.
B. I was upset with my pal, and I let him know, and my anger went away. I was upset with my enemy, but I did not tell him, so my anger became worse.
C. I was upset with my pal, and I let him know, but my anger remained. I was upset with my enemy, and I did not let him know, so my anger became worse.
D. I was upset with my pal, but I kept it from him, and my anger remained. I was upset with my enemy, and I did not tell him, so I was still mad.
A student writes the following two sentences.

-The campground was now a lonely ghost town. I left the place without a fish in my cooler.-

The student then revises the two sentences into the sentence that follows.

-I left the campground, a lonely ghost town, without a fish in my cooler.-

In the revision, the student has combined the two sentences using which of the following?

A. a compound sentence
B. a participial phrase
C. an appositive phrase
D. a complex sentence
Middle school students are using a speech-recognition tool to record notes on a tablet computer while conducting research. To best ensure that the tool is effective, the teacher should emphasize the importance of which of the following?

A. Using a clear articulation
B. Giving sequential instructions
C. Maintaining a consistent speaking rate
D. Connecting ideas effectively
A student has not yet mastered the ability to complete the following task given by a teacher.

Say the word that is created when the /r/ sound is removed from the word "string."

After the teacher provides further instruction in the skill, which of the following will provide the best practice for the student in applying the same skill?

A. Naming a word that rhymes with "catch'
B. Saying each sound in the word "wall"
C. Changing the /t/ in "store" to /c/
D. Identifying a word that ends in /m/
Which of the following words should be paired with the word "enough" to model the strategy of using analogy-based phonics to decode unfamiliar words?

A. off
B. Rough
C. Plenty
D. Cough
Which of the following is a research-based best practice for teaching vocabulary?

A. Asking students to explain vocabulary words in their own words to promote meaningful use of the new terms.
B. Exposing students to vocabulary words once before moving on to new words to ensure that students remain motivated to learn a variety of new terms
C. Explaining the definitions of vocabulary words using formal language to promote higher-level understanding
D. Focusing on written vocabulary words rather than representative images to ensure that students focus on language rather than on pictures
After reading a short story, a teacher asks students to answer the following question.

-What is the author trying to communicate when he says, "The finish line was visible but seemed farther than ever"?-

The question primarily requires students to use which of the following skills?

A. Making a prediction
B. Inferring meaning
C. Making a connection
D. Critiquing writing
Which of the following activities should a teacher assign to assess a student's level of graphophonemic knowledge?

A. reciting the alphabet in order
B. Copying written text onto paper
C. Differentiating between words and letters
D. Decoding unfamiliar regular words
As students are selecting independent reading books, a fourth-grade teacher has them read the first page to decide whether a book is at an appropriate level for them. Which of the following teacher statements will best guide students to make an appropriate selection?

A. To ensure that the book will not be too difficult, the first page should have no unfamiliar words.
B. To ensure that the book will not be too difficult, the first page should have five or fewer unfamiliar words.
C. To ensure that the book will not be too easy, the first page should have more than five unfamiliar words.
D. To ensure that the book will not be too easy, the first page should have one unfamiliar word per sentence.
Which of the following activities is most appropriate to have students complete during the prewriting phase of the writing process?

A. Using a thesaurus to replace repeated words
B. Listening to peers read their introductory paragraphs out loud
C. Creating clusters of ideas related to the topic in a graphic organizer
D. Determining a variety of ways to begin sentences
A reading teacher is teaching students how to view television commercials critically. When leading them to analyze how the target audience affects the choices made by the producers of the commercial, which of the following questions should the teacher guide students to ask first?

A. What propaganda strategies were used in the commercial?
B. How much did it cost to broadcast the commercial?
C. During what program did the commercial air?
D. What artistic techniques were used to create the commercial?
Which of the following can best be achieved by using multiple sources when completing a research project?

A. Streamlining the steps of the research process
B. Accessing a range of information on the topic
C. Eliminating a plagiarism within the research paper
D. Ensuring unity of ideas about the topic
Which of the following is the most effective way for a teacher to help students understand the decision-making process involved in writing with grammatical correctness?

A. Providing daily opportunities for students to write for authentic purposes
B. Pointing out students' grammatical errors during individual writing conferences
C. Highlighting incorrect grammar usage on students' writing assignments
D. modeling the appropriate use of writing conventions using think-alouds
Which of the following practices best develops sentence fluency in writing?

A. Expanding each idea with a variety of supporting examples and explanations
B. Beginning sentences in a variety of ways
C. Creating simple sentences to replace fragments and run-on sentences
D. Ending each paragraph with a sentence that restates the main idea
An engraving made by Paul Revere depicts British soldiers attacking unarmed colonists during the Boston massacre. Which of the following best explains why some viewers might consider the engraving to be biased?

A. The engraving does not reflect other events of the American Revolution
B. The even illustrated in the engraving reflects only one side of the story.
C. King George III reacted apologetically to the events depicted in the engraving.
D. Most colonists believed that the British troops had a right to protect themselves.
From which of the following sources do independent school districts in Texas get most of their funding?

A. Local Property Taxes
B. State sales taxes
C. Federal funds
D. State income taxes
Sam Houston was removed from office as governor of Texas for which of the following reasons?

A. He opposed the secession of Texas from the union
B. He was in office during a severe financial crisis that crippled the Texas economy.
C. He disagreed completely with a Radical Republicans over the abolition of slavery in Texas.
D. He obtained a military commission to command a group of Texas Rangers during the U.S.-Mexican War.
In the 1790s, Spain discouraged the illegal immigrations of Anglo Americans to Texas because Spain was concerned that they would

A. take jobs on farms and ranches from the Spanish settlers
B. disrupt the relationship between Spanish settlers and American Indians in the region
C. provoke the Spanish settlers to revolt and declare their independence from Sprain
D. deplete, pollute or destroy the natural resources of Texas
Which of the following best describes the form of government of the Roman Republic?

A. Legislative representatives were elected by the citizens and subject to term limits in order to prevent corruption
B. Citizens who had completed military service voted directly on pending legislation.
C. Governmental power was highly centralized in coequal legislative, executive and judicial branches
D. The appointed members of the senate met frequently to pass advisory decrees to more powerful local magistrates
Which of the following philosophical positions is most commonly associated with the declaration of independence?

A. Locke's argument that governments should protect individual rights
B. Rousseau's argument that social contracts are the basis of a government's legitimacy
C. Hobbe's argument that strong governments are necessary to prevent violence
D. Montesquieu's argument for separating the powers of government to different branches
A primary contributing factor in the development of major urban centers in Houston, the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and New Orleans was

A. the location of each city along major transportation routes
B. the temperate climates of the areas throughout the year
C. the fertility of the soil in the areas
D. each city's origin as a military outpost.
Which of the following was the main objections of the Anti-Federalists to the United States Consitution?

A. Under the proposed constitution, congress would not have enough power to control the states.
B. The proposed constitution did not contain a bill of rights.
C. The proposed constitution contained no mention of religious observances.
D. Under the proposed constitution, the supreme court would not be able to overturn state laws as unconstitutional
In addition to being a leader in the civil rights movement, barbara jordan of Houston, Texas, is widely known for which of the following?

Select ALL that apply.

A. Becoming the first african american to serve as lieutenant governor of Texas
B. Being the first woman elected to represent texas in the United States House of Representatives
C. Being nominated as a presidential candidate at the 1976 Democratic National Convention
D. Becoming the first African American to serve in the Texas state senate since 1883
The emergence of early agricultural civilizations along river valleys suggests that

A. the success of democratic societies gave rise to market-based civilizations
B. the development of complex civilizations was based on peaceful interactions.
C. Understanding the environment was a primary factor in the survival of early civilizations.
D. Preserving valuable resources was a primary factory in the success of farming societies.
Southern states attempted to limit the voting power of African Americans during the 1870s in which of the following ways?

A. they mandated poll taxes and literacy requirements for voting privileges
B. They required citizens to own property to vote in elections.
C. They dramatically reduced the number of polling places
D. They revoked the citizenship of many African Americans
Which of the following hypothetical situations best illustrates for students in grades 5 and 6 the core economic principle that people respond to incentives in predictable ways?

A. but must pay the library fine before his borrowing privileges are restored
B. suzie donates some of her birthday money to help build an afghan school
C. Charlie can buy a dvd or download a book using his allowance, but he cannot do both.
D. Grace willingly takes on more responsibilities at home when her allowance is increased
During the late 1800s, a group of education reformers began a movement to educate Native Americans. They built boarding schools in which Native American children were taught English and various aspects of American social behavior. The children were forbidden to speak their native languages or wear their native clothing. The intention of these schools was to educate Native American children so that they could integrate into the dominant American culture and economy.

The placement of American Indian children in boarding schools best illustrates an attempt at

A. Relocation Diffusion
B. Cultural Diffusion
C. Cultural assimilation
D. cultural diffusion
Oil discoveries, such as the one at Spindletop in 1901, affected the development of Texas in which of the following ways?

A. the number of large corporations began to increase as petroleum-based products became popular.
B. the average employment wage began to fall because of the high demand for oil workers.
C. the federal funding for school systems and public services was reduced because of oil profits.
D. the size of the workforce began to decrease as migrant workers sought jobs outside the state
Which of the following is a unit of energy?

A. Degree celsius
B. Joule
C. Light Year
D. Newton
Of the following, which is an example of a hypothesis that may be tested in the classroom?

A. Nearly all elements are solids at room temperature.
B. SOlid is a state of matter.
C. The particles in a solid substance are tightly packed and vibrate in place
D. The rate of dissolving of a solid substance in a liquid is faster for a powdered form of the solid than for solid chunks.
Which of the following are generally considered nonrenewable energy?

Select ALL that apply

A. Coal
B. Petroleum
C. Wind
D. Natural Gas
A, B, D
A cyclist is riding at a constant velocity of 20 km/h. Assuming air resistance and friction are a total of 20 N and are the only forces acting in the backward direction, the forward force produced by the pedaling of the cyclist is

A. Zero
B. less than 20 N but greater than 0
C. = to 20 N
D. > 20 N
A bond that results from the attraction between positively and negatively charged ions is called

A. covalent bond
B. hydrogen bond
C. An ionic bond
D. metallic bond
As the beam from a flashlight enters a swimming pool, the beam of light bends. The phenomenon is an example of

A. absorption
B. polarization
C. refraction
D. reflection
Which of the following correctly pairs the organic molecules with their building blocks?

A. Proteins -- amino acids
B. Fats -- nucleotides
C. Carbohydrates -- Fatty Acids
D. DNA -- Simple Sugars
Which of the following a sexual form of reproduction?

A. Production of spores
B. Binary fission
C. Budding
D. Fertilization
Which of the following is an adaptation that enabled animals to move from living in the ocean to living on land?

A. A heart with two chambers
B. A covering of scales
C. Cartilage for support
D. An egg with a hard shell and an amniotic sav
Of the following, which is the most likely human response to a decrease in environmental temperature?

A. leaching of calcium from long bones
B. decreased metabolic heat production
C. decreased blood flow to the extremities
D. increased rate of perspiration
Which of the following parts of the water cycle is most involved in cloud formation?

A. infiltration
B. Condensation
C. Transpiration
D. Sublimation
More solar energy reachers Earth's equatorial regions than Earth's polar regions because the equatorial regions

A. have more vegetation to absorb sunlight.
B. have a greater percentage of surface covered by land
C. have days with more hours of light
D. receive the sun's rays that are closest to vertical
Which of the following is an example of how a teacher can incorporate inquire-based instruction into a science lesson on the environment?

A. the teacher has students watch a video on ecosystems and write down key vocabulary terms.
B. The teacher has student groups build a diorama of different ecosystems and label the biotic and abiotic components of that ecosystem
C. The teacher has students perform an activity where they simulate an oil spill in a container and use various methods and materials to clean it up and determine the effectiveness of each.
D. The teacher has students write a persuasive essay on the importance of water conservation
of the following, which is the most useful way to assess student misconceptions about density prior to a unit on density?

A. giving students a quiz on how to calculate densities
B. Having an activity during which students weigh several objects
C. Holding a class discussion about density
D. Asking each student to predict the relative densities of several objects