Digital radiography - Ch 23 part 6 artifacts

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appear as a result of incomplete IP erasure
phantom images
permanent artifacts caused by damage to the IPs.
scratches or tears
must replace IP
caused by dust or foreign material on the IP
Light spots
Reductions in resolution either overall or in specific areas.
Mostly accompanied by...
Result from..
Dropout artifacts
contrast scale reductions
accumulation in the CR or laser imaging unit components (polygonal mirror, light gate, or other reflective surfaces).
Fogging in CR is due to
IPs being much more sensitive than film to background radiation
is caused by inadequate exposure - usually insufficient mAs
quantum mottle or reticulation
quantum mottle or reticulation
Heat blur
caused from IR being exposed to intense heat - Can cause a squiggly line effect
Caused by uneven transport of film material through a laser imaging system including uneven scanning, distortion and overlapping shading
laser film transport artifacts
laser film transport artifacts
Imaging plates are MORE/LESS sensitive to scatter
MORE - both before and after x-ray exposure
Recommendation for erasing IPs
Smaller DELs =
higher resolution
__ erasures may need to be done in order to completely remove the image
with phantom or ghost artifact
white line along lenght of travel on image is due to...
dust on light guide
cover a wide range of image problems that correspond to post acquisition processing functions available on CR
algorithm artifacts
may be due to improper collimation, improper technique, beam alignment, scatter, extreme density differences
histogram analysis error
results in grid lines or poor image quality
poor grid alignment