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  • Gestapo
    The Nazi Secret Police
  • Propaganda
    Information that is spread to persuade people to support the Nazis
  • Brainwash
    Changing people's views so that they completely supported the Nazis
  • Denunciation
    Writing a statement to the gestapo telling them about a neighbour's behaviour
  • Were there enough Gestapo agents in Germany?
    Not enough to actually 'police' the people
  • What did the Gestapo rely upon?
    Ordinary Germans telling them about the behaviour of other Germans
  • Hitler Youth
    Group for 14-18 year old boys to train them to become political soldiers
  • BDM
    League of German Girls who aimed to train girls to be wives and mothers
  • The White Rose
    Munich based anti-Nazi group who spread anti-Nazi letters in the post and around the university.
  • Persecution
    to be mistreated or punished because of your religious beliefs
  • When did Hitler come to power?
  • When did WWII begin?
  • When were Jews forced to wear the yellow star?
  • Why did many Germans not oppose the early Nazi measures taken against the Jews?
    Their was a general feeling in Germany that the Jews 'had gone too far'.
  • The Nuremberg Laws banned
    Jews from becoming German citizens and marrying Germans
  • When were the Nuremberg Laws passed?