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Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES


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Il est travailleur
He is hardworking
Elle est paresseuse
She is lazy
Il est serviable
He is helpful
Elle est méchante
She is mean/naughty
Elle est intelligente
She is intelligent
Il est intelligent
He is intelligent
Elle est gentille
She is nice
Il est gentil
He is nice
Il est fou
He is crazy
Elle est folle
She is crazy
Il est exubérant
He is full of enthusiasm and joy
Elle est embêtante
She is annoying
Il est créateur
He is creative
Il est cool
He is cool
Elle est branchée
She is stylish
Il est bavard
He is chatty/talkative
Elle est bavarde
She is chatty/talkative
Il est amusant
He is funny/amusing
Elle est accro de
She is hooked on /addicted to
Il est accro de
He is hooked on /addicted to
Elle est travailleuse
She is hardworking
Elle est timide
She is shy/timid
Il est timide
He is shy/timid
Il est sportif
He is sporty
Elle est sportive
She is sporty
Il est paresseux
He is lazy
Elle est exubérante
She is full of enthusiasm and joy
Il est embêtant
He is annoying
Elle est créatrice
She is creative
Elle est cool
She is cool
Il est branché
He is stylish
Il est aventureux
He is adventurous
Elle est aventureuse
She is adventurous
Elle est amusante
She is funny/amusing
Il est méchant
He is mean/naughty
Elle est serviable
She is helpful

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