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Business English

the study of language fundamentals needed to communicate effectively in today's workplace.


reference book with a collection of synonyms and antonyms


Words with opposite meanings


words with similar meanings


word history


alphabetical list of words with their definitions.

Pocket Dictionary

small dictionary that contains no more than 75,000 entries

College Leve Dictionary

dictionary that contains over 170,000 entries plus extra features

Unabridged Dictionary

a complete dictionary

Abridged Dictionary

ex. pocket or college dictionaries, shortened or condensed dictionaries

Copyright Date

the year the book was published


instructions in the beginning of the dictionary

Guide Words

boldface type at the top of the page indicating the first and last entries on that page

Diacritical Marks

special symbols that help you pronounce words correctly.


refers to the syllable of a word that gets the most emphasis or stress when you pronouce it

Usage Labels

warn readers about the use of certain words


those who make dictionaries

Electronic Dictionary

or spell checker compares your typed words with those in the computers memory

Reference Manual

contains useful information not available in the dictionary


words surviving from a previous period


words used in casual writing or conversation but not in formal speech ex. how come


very informal words that quickly go out of fashion


words not conforming to usage among educated speakers ex. ain't


words used in certain countries or regions ex. fixing


when nouns, adverbs or adjectives change form grammatically ex. child, children

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