14 terms

Chapter 3 study guide section 2

Moving Water is the major agent
Area runoff amount
Demtemained by rain amount, soil type, vegetation, and shape of land
More runoff
mean more erosion
Water shed
A land form in which a river and its contributarys collect water
V shaped vallys
Are formed by water flowing through a mountian or multiple mountains
Oxbow lake, and meander
Two landforms created by river deposits
River vally fertile
Made by when a river overflows it leavs nutrition in the soil and makes it fertile
Can cause erosion like surface water
Ground water chemically weathers limestone
By combining with carbon dioxide and making a wak acid called carbonic acid that slowly weathers limestone
Stalagmites are formed through
depostion of cave floor
Stalagtites are formed through
depostion of cave roof
Stalagtites and stalagmites are simular
They are both cone shaped and are both formed through deposition
Stalagtites and stalagmites are different
One is formed on the floor and the other is formed on the ground of the cave
Are common to have karast topography