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Ch 6 Rome the rise to empire


Rome was founded by the


The Roman absorbed the fundamentals of urban planning, chariot racing, the toga, bronze, gold, crafting


The powerful class of large landowners was known as

Romans and Phoenicians

The Punic wars were between

disappearance of small farmers

The collapse of the Republic began with the

Populist reforms

Julius Caesar's assassination resulted from his

divine descent from Venus

The statue of Augustus of Primaporta has cupid and a dolphin at his feet as reminders of his

passed laws to curb adultery

In order to maintain the Pax Romana, Augustus

development of a system of law

One of Rome's most original and influential achievements was

impersonal force governed the world

The Stoics believed an

civic duty

According to Cicero, Roman education emphasized


The most notable representative of the Roman Golden Age of literature was

passionate affair with a roman consul's wife

The greatest Latin poet Catullus celebrated his

Supernatural transformation of Greek and Roman gods

The theme of Ovid's metamorphosis is

noisy, dirty, crowed

Juvena's satire reflects Rome as

The Arch

Romans considered which of the following as their most significant technological achievement?

handouts to the impoverished millions of Rome

The Phrase "bread and circuses" came from

temple dedicated to the seven planetary deities

The Pantheon was


Roman art, sculpture and painting is known for its

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