GCSE Dance - A Linha Curva


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Itzik Galili
Date of First Performance
12 May 2009/ Brazil 2005
Dance Style
Samba, capoeira, contemporary dance techniques
Choreographic Approach
Motifs were improvised and dancers were told to choreograph short solos. Each solo taught to the other dancers.
Brazilian culture, way of life and to live in the moment
Choreographic Intention
To have fun. Large ensembles to replicate vibrant Brazilian inspired movements, straight lines like a samba parade.
28 - 15 men, 13 female
23 minutes
Aural Setting
Performed by Percosssa, based in Holland. 4 musicians. Influenced by Brazilian Samba. They perform on a raised platform at the back of the stage
Designed by Itzik Galili. Black vests, different coloured lycra shorts. Carnival inspired and enhance the impact of the lighting. Adds to the feeling of equality.
Designed by Itzik Galili. The stage lighting is a chequer-board of different colours. Each dancer has an allocated space in the square. Dancers move with the pre-programmed lighting. Creating a structure and uniformity like a carnival.
Performance Environment
End Stage
Staging/ set
No set apart from the raised platform at the back, where the dancers perform.