Acting Vocabulary:A-C

23 terms by winneR233

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for vocabulary test next week vocabulary words starting with the letters A-C


what the actor 'wants' in a scene (physical action)

Ad Lib

create lines or actions spontaneously when necessary


the process whereby the action of the scene is determined


part of the stage past the curtain line toward the audience


starting and stopping vowel/consonant sounds


it is a simple fantasy that makes specific for you the action


the smallest unit of action occuring in a script


Convincing the audience


planned movement on stage


small bit of action


actors in the play


when an actor has succeeded in doing his action

Center stage

Middle portion of the stage area


work done by many people


actors and crew of a production


last word or action before your line or action

Curtain Call

showing of the cast and the of the show in response to the audience applause

Curtain Line

imaginary line on the stage below the curtain


spoken line in a kit or play


the BOSS of the play

Down stage

part of the stage closest to the audience

Dress Rehearsal

final rehearsal befor the show opens with full costumes,makeup,lights,sound props

cheat out

aiming body out toward the audience when talking to another character

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