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ehr 2 final


through the process of ____, payments listed on an EHR are automatically applied to the appropriate account


the use of electronic clinical records in medical office is


patient ramana saw dr green 48 months ago for a stomach illness. today he is here to again see dr green with a similar complaint. mr ramana is considered a ___ patient of the practice


patient is well-developed, well-nourished asian male; he is afebrile" is an example of the _____ section of a soap note


use the ____ button in the deposit list dialog box to display the deposit dialog box.

five major sections of the HIPAA claim, in order of transmission are

provider, subscriber/patient, payer, claim details and services


which section of the apply payments/adjustments to charges dialog box would you use to alter options affecting claims and statements?

access levels

medisoft clinical can have a number of ___ created for different postions in the office.

manually entering procedure codes to be billed from the completed paper encounter form

when a PM/EHR is used for the fourth step of the charge capture process, what paper method is replaced by electronic positng of charges tothe patient's account?

claim management

insurance claims are created, edited, and submitted for payment within ____ the area of medisoft network professional.


which scheduling system is used in the medisoft clinical exercises in the text?

a clear financial policy
effective communications with patients about their financial responsiblities

how does the patient collection process begin?

in cci mutually exclusive edits, the code in column 1 could not have be done for the same patient, same date of service, same provider, as the code in column 2, so medicare will pay just the lower-paid code.

compare the following statements and select the one that is accurate.

drop-down list
button with three dots

What types of options do selection boxes offer for entering data?


the scan of patient's photo id can be stored in the ____ tab of the case dialog box in medisoft network professional.

over $1000

the annual deductible for high-deductible health plan (HDHP) is ____?

electronic funds transfer (EFT)

what feature do practices use in order to directly deposit payments into their bank account?

participating (PAR) provider

A ____ agrees to provide medical services to a payer's policyholders according to the terms


the information in a patient's medical record belongs to the?


once a selection is made in the print report where? dialog box and the start button is clicked, the ____ dialog box is displayed.

empty yellow rectangle

in medisoft clinical patient records, a folder that contains no information has a(n) ____ in the upper-right corner.


when a progress note is finished, medisoft clinical patient records prompts the provider to enter his or her ____ for an electronic signature.


the ___ tab (s) in medisoft network professional's claim dialog box list(s) information about the diagnoses, procedures, and amount charged on a claim.

insurance card

for insured patients, check the data on the patient information form for accuracy against the _____.

document numbers
places of service
credits and debits

which of the following types of information are listed on a procedure day sheet?


most medicare carriers ____ forward crossover claims to the state medicaid payer

claim adjustment reason codes

in order to provide details about an adjustment, payers use ____.

to generate medical practice financial statements
for profit analysis

medisoft network professional's practice analysis report can be used

office hours

to start office hours without entering medisoft network professional, click start>all programs, click medisoft on the programs menu, and then click ____ on the medisoft submenu.

if no activity is detected for a specified number of minures, the auto log off feature automatically logs out the user; park allows a user to leave the workstation briefly without needing to exit the program.

compare the functions of the park and the auto log off features

title bar
tool bar
menu bar

the main window in medisoft network professional contains the


commands in medisoft network professional are issued by clicking options on the menus or by clincking ___ buttons on the ____.

medical assistant

after check-in, patients are escorted to an exam room, where a ___ interviews him or her to obtain detailed information.

regular or irregular

on the vital signs dialog box, a drop-down menu next to the pulse field is used to select whether the patient's pulse was ____.

provides detailed explanations of program freatures
offers tips designed to improve user productivity
lists common errors

the medisoft clincal help feature


A ___ is a company that helps ___ process health information and execute electronic transactions, such as the submission of insurance claims.

health maintenance organization (HMO)

what type of health plan often assigns its memebers to primary care physicians (PCPs)?

location box;separate the entries by comma

you are asked to produce claims for procedures done in the office and at the clinic associated with the practice. what filter do you utilize, and how do you use it correctly?

restore data

begin the process of restoring files by choosing ___ on the file menue in medisoft network professional

improve quality
improve efficiency
improve patient safety

meaninful use is the utilization of certified EHR technology in the health care system to


patient was given a prescription for an example of the ___ section of a SOAP note.

medical documentation and billing cycle

medisoft clinical is used to complete the tasks in the

the date of the bill

on what date does the aging process begin

demographic information
appointment schedules
clinical data

practices now use integrated PM/EHR programs that can share and exchange


to access the collection list feature in medisoft network professional, which of the following meus should you use

physicians are responsible, but administrative staff memebers play a role in achieving complaint medical coding

determine the best answer to this question: who in the practice is responsible for correct coding?

an employer

a health reimbursement account (HRA) is medical reimbursement plan set up and funded by ____.


medisoft network professional includes office hours, a(n) ___ program.


a student who is familiar with medisoft clinical should be able to ____many skills taught in this book to other similar programs.

prior authorization number field on the miscellaneous tab

the primary health plan transmits an authorization number to the practice for the patient's scheduled knee replacement surgery. Where is this number entered on the case dialog box in medisoft network professional?

disaster recovery

____ refers to an action for resuming normal operations after a situation such as a fire or a computer malfunction.

preferred provider organization (PPO)

the most popular type of health plan is the _____


a quick way to change or delete an appointment is to select the appointment and press the right ____ button to display a shortcut menu with options such as cut, copy, and delete.


since EHRs include information entered by all health care professionals who treat the patient, the programs make it easier to ___ patient information.

a referral for an out-of-network provider

a preferred provider organiation (PPO) does not usually require

backing up

____ refers to the process of saving a copy of files on a regular schedule to facilitate file recovery if data loss occurs.


the ___ of receipt of notice of privacy practices states that the patient has read the privacy practices and understands how the provider intends to protect the patients rights to privacy under HIPAA

past medical history

the ___ includes any illness (past or present) for which the patient has received treatment


the HIPAA claim can capture over ____ data elements


it costs patients ____ when they see nonparticipating (nonPAR) providers

in chronological order

medical records are organized

flexible savings account (FSA)

some companies offer a ___ that a augments employee's other health insurance.

practice management

referring to a type of software program, the abbreviation PM represents


through the process of an electronic funds transfer, payments are directly deposited into bank account of the


the ___ tab records a variety of information about the patient and his or her treatment

paper-based prescription refill procdure offers fewer safety checks than an electronic prescroption refill procedure
a paper-based prescription refill procedure has more steps than an electronic prescription refill procedure
an electronic presciption refill procedure is more efficient than a paper-based refill procedure

compare a paper-based prescription refill procedure offers fewer safety checks than an electronic prescription refill procedure

assignment of benefits

the ___ is an authorizaiton by poliicyholder that allows a health plan to pay benefits directly to a provider

unapplied payment/adjustment report

determine which of the following reports a medical practice would use to search for an adjustment that has not been fully applies

fahreheit (f) or celsius (c)

on the vital signs dialog box, the patient's tempature may be recorded in ____.

procedure day sheet

a medical practice needs to review the places of service for some of their patients on a given day. determine which of the following reports should be used.


to locate a patient chart in medisoft clinical patient records, select open chart on the ___ menu or click the ___ toolbar button

identification verification
assignment of benefits statement
medical history

if a patient is new to a practice, which of these types of information are gathered

protects patient's private health information
uncovers fraud and abuse
ensures health care coverage when workers change or lose jobs

the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA)


when you are finished entering a note in medisoft clinical patient records, click the ____ button to save the note

mutually exclusive code (MEC)

both services represented by the codes shown in the two columns of the ____ edits could not have reasonably been done during a single patient encounter, so they cannot be billed together.


the main federal government agency responsible for health care is the

BA's perform a function or activity on behalf of a CE but are not part of the CE's workforce

analyze the relationship between covered entities (CE) and business associates (BA)

progress note

Practices may remind a patient of a balance that is overdue during the appointment scheduling process. What is the purpose of doing so

to prepare the patient to pay the amount due when presenting for appointment
to improve collections

practices may remind a patient of a balance that is overdue during the appointment scheduling process. What is the purpose of doing so?


during which stage in the patient flow does a staff member confer with a patient to determine whether any information, such as a change in insurance or employment, needs to be updated in the patient record?


the privacy and security feature in MCPR know as ____ allows a user to leave a workstation for a brief time without having to exit the program


when patients leave the exam room, they proceed to the checkout desk, where they receive additional information and patient ____ materials, and also make payments that are due?


what claim adjustment group code would a payer apply to indicate that a contract between the payer and a provider led to an adjustment?

break entry;new break entry

to create a break for the provider who appears in the office hours provider box, click the ___ shortcut button to display the ___ dialog box

if a service is not documented, it is not going to be paid
incomplete or incorrect records can cause denied claims or possibly investigation into fraudulent activity.

why is documentation directly linked to the finanacial health of the practice?

increases patient safety
reduces operating costs
improves the quality of patient care

the use of integrated programs

patient portals

____ are websites that enable communication between patients and health care providers

purpose of the call

you are calling a patient to attempt to collect on a call. which of the following pieces of information need to be identified to the patient?


a formulary is a list of pharmaceutical ___ deemed by a health care organization to be the best, most economical treatments for a condition or disease

federal law
state law

what must practices comply with in setting their finance charges

go to a date

the best way to create follow-up appointments is to use the ____shortcut button on the office hours toolbar

location and transaction date boxes

you are asked to produce claims for riverdale hospital for the period 10/01/2016 through 11/01/2016. what filters do you utlize on the claim creation dialog box?


the HIPAA privacy rule provides protection for individually identifiable health information and grants certain rights to _____ in regard to their medical records

insurance carriers

who do practices collect payments from?

staff, group, and independent practice association

what are the three business models of health maintenacne organizations (HMOs)?


____ are changes to patients' accounts

appointment slot

after a provider is selected, a(n) ____ must be located


which of the following is not one of the main areas of the dashboard

not usually problematic

collecting payments is _____ when patients understand the charges and the practice's financial policy in advance.

the code and the copayment requirement are input on the general tab, and the charge is entered on the amounts tab

you are asked to enter a new procedure code and its charge, and also to note that this code requires a copayment. after clicking the new button of the procedure/payment/adjustment dialog box, where do you input the new code, the copayment requirement, and the charge?

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