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The key to good transitions
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Establishing procedures in the classroomNot a rule! Established the first few weeks of school. Teach Rehearse Reinforce.3 step plan in dealing with extreme behaviorSeparate, Cool Down, Call for HelpADHD acronymAttention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderADHD Strategiesfidget tools, preferential seating, extra supportRecess Academyused during students' time to rehearse/reinforce classroom procedures.Purpose of a two-stage time-outProtect the classroom from repeated disruption and preserve the classroom for learning.How to handle extreme behavior and crisisfollow your school's guide for these things and separate, cool down, call for helpHow to make PAT successfuluse it as a reward, not as punishment. Still make it educational.Classroom dance"You can't make me!" "Yes I can!" "I won't go to the office" "You will now!"Orientationthe hook of a lessonAccessing Prior Knowledgeask questions that reflect on previous lessonsInput and ModelingI doCheck for understandingchecking the students' to see what they get and don'tGuided PracticeWe doClosure/Summarywrap up the lesson and emphasize the important parts.Independent PracticeYou do. Can sometimes be homeworkAAudienceBBehaviorCConditionsDDegreeCreateAssemble, design, formulateEvaluatingDefend, judge, supportAnalyzingDistinguish, contrast, examineApplyingsketch, choose, interpretUnderstandingDescribe, discuss, explainRememberingdefine, list, repeatDomain 1Planning and PreparationDomain 2Classroom EnvironmentDomain 3Professional ResponsibilitiesDomain 4Instruction