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1. Be a Wingman: Taking responsibility to take care for themselves, others and Air Force families
2. "Comm" Check: Improving interpersonal communication skills by studying the communication model (sender-message-receiver-response), promoting healthy communication
3. Lead From the Front: Demonstrating good leadership by personally using these techniques. Discuss them with other Airmen and hold them accountable.
4. Mental Rehearsal: Practicing and incorporating the practice of imaging oneself accomplishing a task before actually doing it. Visualization is a proven technique that supports success.
5. Nutrition: Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water together is the optimal fuel to ensure the mind and body operate at peak performance. You'll receive some additional nutritional tools during Comprehension Airmen Fitness
6. Physical Fitness: Exercising regularly improves strength and stamina, enhancing the body and mind to function at peak performance and creating a sense of well-being.
7. Problem Solving: Using effective problem solving techniques that increase the probability for sound solutions.
8. Purpose (Why): Maintaining a clear understanding of one's purpose, role in the mission, reasons for serving, and contributions to the bigger mission can rejuvenate a sense of purpose in life.
9. Recharge: Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and participating in activities that encourage relaxation allowing the body time to recover between challenges.
10. Situational Awareness (SA): Assessing each situation, leveraging thoughts, awareness of the situation and training to improve performance during challenging situations.
11. Strategic Thinking: Evaluating life's events and paying attention to the thoughts one has during each good and bad situation. Build your self-confidence by recollecting previous challenges that you've experience and take away the lessons learned from each circumstance.
12. Tactical Breathing: Using breathing techniques to release muscle tension and return one's focus and attention to the task at hand.