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Chapter 14 & 15

Form of Government started by Mussolini


The night Hitler offered the attack on Jewish homes

Kristall Nacht

Where 400 Indians were killed for demonstrating in large numbers

Amristar Massacre

A corporation of workers and employers


A system where the government owns the land and the peasants who farmed it


Overthrew the republic in China

Yuan Shikai

Term used by Gandhi to describe the nonviolent protest


Formed the Kuomintang Party in China


Led the communists on the long march in China

Mao Zedong

Means "My Struggle"

Mein Kampf

A series of fortifications built by the French

Maginot Line

Stripped Jews of their citizenship in Germany

Nuremberg Laws

The Democratic government formed in Germany after WWII

Weimer Republic

Was the leader of the Brownshirts

Ernst Rohm

In August of 1947 Great Britain granted independence to _______________________________ and _______________.

Pakistan, India

Hoping to consolidate his power, Hitler blamed the ________________________ for the ________________________ building burning down.

Communists, Reichstag

Japan and the West had a falling out because ____________________________ and _________________________ looked to take over the Soviet Union.

anti-emigration laws, trade embargo

After Lenin's death in 1922 ____ and ____ looked to take over the Soviet Union.

Stalin, Trotsky

Not able to pay war reparation, Germans watched _________________________ troop's march into the _________________ Valley in 1923.

French, Ruhn

Mussolini came to power as a result of

Military Power

What did the supporters of Mussolini Fascist Party believe?

The state should be glorified

The Japanese Military dictatorship was different than Germany and Italy. How?

Germany and Italy had only 1 ruler
Japanese had many rulers

What group of people undertook a long march?

Chinese communists

The severe inflation in Germany after WWII was caused by

high reparation payment

The New Deal is the name given to

Roosevelt's 15 programs

Military leaders in Japan claimed that Japan could solve its economic problems by

Overseas expire

What was the main purpose of Stalin's five year plan?

Build up industry

How did Stalin rise to power?

Party politics coming up through the party

Why was Japan hit especially hard by the Great Depression?

dependent on foreign trade

Which happened first?
______ Sun Yat-Sen organizes a Kuomintang army
______ Chiang Kai-Shek attacks Chinese communist

Sun Yat-Sen organizes a Kuomintang army

Which happened first?
______ The march on Rome is announced
______ Mussolini becomes Prime Minister of Italy

The march on Rome is announced

Which happened first?
______ The stock market crashes in the U.S.
______ Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president

The stock market crashes in the U.S.

Which happened first?
______ Hitler writes Mein Kampf
______ Hitler is jailed for leading an uprising in Munich

Hitler is jailed for leading an uprising in Munich

Which happened first?
______ The great purge begins
______ Stalin gains power

Stalin gains power

By 1925 the Nazi Party was the largest in Germany


The U.S. Congress ratified the Treaty of Versailles in 1919


Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931


The U.S. emerged from WWI as a debtor nation


Adolf Hitler was born in Berlin


Hitler overthrew the Weimer Republic in 1933


During WWI Japan ruled Korea and Taiwan


In 1935, the BritishParliament passed the government of India Act


In India Muslim are the minority


In India Hindu's are the majority


How did the "Great Depression" affect the economics of most nations?

Essay: High unemployment and inflation on goods
The Great Depression affected the economics of most nations by crippling industries, massive bank closures, creating widespread unemployment, hyperinflation, and large amounts of homeless and hungry people.

How did the U.S. deal with the depression?

Essay: FDR and the New Deal Programs
The U.S. dealt with the Great Depression by instituting the New Deal. These policies spurred the economy by creating public jobs, investing in industries, and subsidizing agriculture. (ex: WPA, CCC, NRIA, ect.)

How did the depression affect political developments?

Essay:Due to high unemployment, there were many revolutions

Compare Mussolini's rise to power in Italy to Hitler's rise in power?

Essay: Both came to power legally, Mussolini being named Prime Minister. Hitler Chancellor

How did Mussolini & Hitler gain support?

Essay: Banned all parties except their s and place labor under their control.
Mussolini and Hitler gained support by first banning all non-fascist political parties and then by appealing to the working classes.

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