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Diurnal (adj)


Docket (n)

program as for trial; book where such entries are made

Doctrinaire (adj)

unable to compromise about points of doctrine, dogmatic

Doff (v)

take off

Dogged (adj)

determined; stubborn

Doggerel (adj)

poor verse

Dolorous (adj)


Domicile (n)


Dormer (n)

window projecting from roof

Dross (n)

waste matter; worthless impurities

Dulcet (adj)

sweet sounding

Dyspeptic (adj)

suffering from indigestion

Earthy (adj)

unrefined, coarse

Ecclesiastic (adj)

pertaining to the church

Edify (v)

instruct; correct morally

Efface (v)

rub out; expunge

Effete (adj)

enervated; lacking vigor

Effluvium (n)

noxious smell

Effusion (n)

pouring fouth; gushing

Egress (n)


Ellipsis (n)

omission of words from a text

Emend (v)

correct, usually a text

Emendation (n)

correction of errors; improvement

Emetic (n)

substance causing vomiting

Emolument (n)

salary; compensation

Enclave (n)

territory enclosed within an alien land

Encomiastic (adj)

eulogistic; praising

Encomium (n)

high praise; eulogy

Endue (v)

Endow; provide with some quality

Engross (v)

occupy fully

Ensconce (v)

settle comfortably

Entomology (n)

study of insects

Environ (v)

enclose; surround

Epaulet (n)

ornament worn on the shoulder (of a uniform, etc.)

Epigram (n)

witty thought or saying: usually short

Episodic (adj)

loosely connected

Epistemologist (n)

philosopher who studies the nature of knowledge

Epithet (n)

word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing

Epitome (n)

perfect example or embodiment

Equable (adj)

tranquil; steady; uniform

Equinox (n)

period of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and fall

Equipoise (n)

equilibrium; balancing force

Equity (n)

fairness; justice

Equivocal (adj)

ambiguous; intentionally misleading

Essay (v)

make an attempt at; test

Estimable (adj)

worthy of esteem; admirable

Ethnology (n)

study of humankind

Eugenic (adj)

pertaining to the improvement of a race

Euphony (n)

sweet sound

Evanescent (adj)

fleeting; vanishing

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