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Yang Deficiency Tongue
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Blood Stasis TonguePurple body, purple spots (blood is pooling - material manifestation)Blood Stasis PulseHesitant, (+string-taut = left)* knotted (ht)HT Yang CollapseWeak & shallow breathing, profuse sweating, cold limbs, cyanosis of lips, grayish-white complexion, coma (severe)HT Yang DeficiencySlight feeling of stuffiness or discomfort in heart region, feeling of cold, cold hands, bright/pale face, slightly dark lipsHT Qi Deficiency (include pulse)Pale face, slight depression, p: empty; severe: slightly overflowing and empty in left front positionWhat is a key difference between HT Yang & HT Qi Deficiency?Absence or presence of COLDHT Blood Deficiency (include tongue and pulse)Dizziness, pale complexion, pale lips, t: pale, thin, sl. dry, p: choppy or fineHT Yin Deficiency (include tongue)Mental restlessness, 'uneasiness', 'fidgetiness', dry mouth and throat, night sweating, t: no coat, deep midline crack reaching tipHT Qi Stagnation (include tongue and pulse)Palpitations, sl. SOB, sl. purple lips, t: sl. pale-purple on the sides in the chest area, p: sl. overflowing on the left front positionHi Qi Stagnation is a combination of which 3 organ s/s?HT, LIV, SPHT Vessel ObstructionStabbing or pricking pain in heart region that comes and goes and may radiate to the upper back or shoulder, expectoration of phlegm, epigastric or hypochondrial distention, a feeling of heaviness, dislike of speakingHT Vessel Obstruction has many signs of what pathogen?PhlegmHT Blood StasisStabbing or pricking pain in the chest which may radiate to the inner aspect of the left arm or shoulderWhat differentiates HT & PC pathologies?PC - More chest, lung, menstrual symptomsPC Blood DeficiencyFeeling of stuffiness and discomfort of the chest, dull ache in the chest, very sl. SOB, cold hands, scanty periods, amenorrhea, p: choppy or fine but very slightly hard on the left front position (classic PC)PC FireFeeling of chest tightness and heat, slight chest ache, bitter taste (after a bad night's sleep)Bitter taste is commonly associated with which organ?LiverBitter taste after a bad night's sleep is associated with which organs?HT or PCPC Phlegm FireFeeling of heat in the chest, chest pain, rapid breathingPC Qi StagnationFeeling of distention, tightness and slight pain in chestPC Blood StasisSOB, painful periods with dark clotsLiver Blood Deficiency (tongue and pulse)T: pale, especially on the sides, orange (extreme), thin, sl. dry P: choppy or fineLiver Yin Deficiency (include tongue and pulse)Dry eyes, pale complexion without luster but with red cheekbones, very dry hair, t: normal without coat or rootless coat p: floating, emptyLiver Qi StagnationIrritability, t: slightly red on sidesStagnant Liver Qi turning into HeatIrritability, feeling of heat, red face, thirst, propensity to outbursts of anger, heavy periods, t:red on sides p: slightly rapidRebellious Liver QiHiccup, N/V, belching, *churning feeling in stomach*Rebellious Liver Qi is similar to what other pathology? What is the difference?ST Qi Stagnation, difficulty in swallowingLiver Yang Rising/ Liver Blood Deficiency (include pulse)Insomnia, p: pale and thinLiver Yang Rising/ Liver Yin Deficiency (include tongue)Facial tic, severe dizziness, dry eyes, t: normal colored without coatLiver Blood Deficiency generating WindFine tremor, facial ticLiver overacting on Stomach (include pulse)Irritability, epigastric and hypochondrial distention, hiccup, belching, N/V, sighing, p: wiry on left and weak on right (classic)Lung Qi Deficiency (include pulse)Spontaneous daytime sweating, p: empty, especially on right front positionLung Qi Deficiency is similar to what other pathology?HT Qi DeficiencyLung Qi Deficiency sweating is during the day or night? Spontaneous?Day, yesLung and Heart Qi DeficiencySOB on exertion, depression (slight), sighingSpleen Blood Deficiency (key symptom)Joint acheSpleen Blood Deficiency is rooted in what other deficiency?Spleen Qi DeficiencySpleen and Liver Blood DeficiencyThin body, slight depressionKidney Qi Not FirmFeeling of cold, cold limbs, in women prolapse of uterus, dragging down feeling of lower abdomenKidney Qi Not Firm is rooted in what other Deficiency?Yang DeficiencyT/F Leaking symptoms are associated with Kidney Qi Not FirmTrueKidney Qi Not Firm is commonly confused with what other pathology?Sp Qi SinkingKidney Yang DeficiencyAbundant clear urination, edema of the legsKidney Yang/Water OverflowingEdema especially on the legs and ankles, scanty clear urinationKidney Yang/Water Overflowing affects what two organs? What symptoms are associated with each?Lungs - thin, watery, frothy sputum, cough, asthma and breathlessness on exertion Heart - palpitations, breathlessness, cold handsWhat two Zang organs hold organs in place?Kidney, SpleenKidney and Spleen Yang DeficiencyEarly morning diarrheaWhat is the only pathology with a wiry on the right middle position pulse?Stomach Qi StagnationStomach Qi Stagnation is similar to what other pathology?Liver Qi StagnationStomach Qi RebellionDifficulty in swallowingWhat is the tongue and pulse for Heat Obstructing the LI?T: thick yellow (or brown, black) coat P: deep, fullHeat Obstructing the LI symptomsConstipation, burning anus, fever or tidal feverLI Qi StagnationConstipation with bitty stools, irritability, aggravation of condition according to mood, t: slightly red on sides p: wiry on both rear positionsLI Stagnation is a combination of __________ & ___________ pathologies.LI symptoms and Liver Qi StagnationA deep pulse can be indicative of what conditions?Stagnation or coldLI Heat T/PT: Thick yellow (or brown, black) dry coat P: full, rapidLI HeatConstipation, burning and swelling in anusLoose stools especially in the morning with tiredness belongs to what pathology? Affects what jiao?Stomach Qi Deficiency, Lower JiaoBright pale complexionLung Qi DeficiencySOB on exertion, PALE FACE, normal pulseHeart Qi DeficiencyWhat formulas are prescribed for Heart Qi Deficiency?Sheng Mai San + Gui Zhi, Long Gu, Mu LI****What deficiencies share an empty pulse?Qi DeficiencyGallbladder Qi DeficiencyDizziness, blurry vision, floatersCan GB Qi Deficiency be fixed?No, but improved on - more constitutional than pathological (Mac)GB controls what aspect of sleep?Length and qualityIs tiredness associated with GB Qi Deficiency?NoWhat Qi Deficiencies share a normal pulse?HT & GBWhat formula is prescribed for GB Qi Deficiency?Wen Dan TangVomiting of clear fluidsStomach Deficiency ColdSI ColdDull abdominal pain better with pressure, borborygmi, cold limbsSI Cold is similar to what other pathology? What differentiates them?ST Deficiency Cold, borborygmi. & cold limbsHT Yang helps with ___________.CirculationPoor circulation > ______________ > ______________Blood pooling, dark lipsHT Yang deficiency looks similar to what other pathology?LU Qi DeficiencyDesire to lie down curled up is a classic sign of what pathology?Yang DeficiemcyWhat are the key formulas for Stomach Deficiency Cold?LI Zhong Wan, Xian Jian Zhong TangWhat is the key formula for Spleen Yang Deficieny?LI Zhong WanST Deiciency ColdDiscomfort/dull pain in the epigastrium, better after eating, better with pressure and massage, no appetite, prefers warm drinks and food, VOMITING OF CLEAR FLUIDS, lack of thirst, pale complexionWhat is the pulse for Stomach Deficiency Cold?Deep, weak, SLOW ESPECIALLY IN RIGHT MIDDLE POSITIONWhat conditions share a pale and wet tongue? Which ones don't?Do: HT/SP/KID Yang Def, ST Def Cold Don't: LI, SI, Kidney not ReceivingLI Deficiency Cold KEY symptomLoose stools like DUCK droppingsUB Deficiency Cold KEY symptomWhite urethral dischargeWhat are the key formulas for Kidney Yang Deficiency?You Gui Wan, Jin Gui Shen Qi WanWhat are two Kidney Yang Deficiency symptoms that are not commonly discussed?Apathy, depressionWhat are key symptoms of Kidney Not Receiving?Swelling of the face, clear urination during asthma attackWhat is the key formula for Kidney Not Receiving?Su Zi Jiang Qi TangLiver Blood Deficiency tonguePale & dry especially on sides, ORANGE - SEVEREWhat are the key formulas for Liver Blood Deficiency & Heart Blood Deficiency?SI Wu Tang, Suan Zao Ren TangHeart Blood Deficiency & PC Blood Deficiency tonguePale & dry, THINSlight SOB is associated with HT or PC Blood Deficiency?PCWhat lower jiao symptoms are associated with PC Blood Deficiency?Scanty periods, amenorrheaWhat is the pulse for PC Blood Deficiency?Very slightly hard on left front positionLung Yin Deficiency (key symptoms)Dry cough with scanty, sticky sputum, thickly throat, thin chestRed tongue with no coat is common for what condition?Yin deficiency (CAM, Bensky)What are the key formulas for Lung Yin Deficiency?Mai Men Dong Tang, Bai He Gu Yin WanST Yin Deficiency (key symptoms)No appetite or slight hunger with no desire to eatWhat is the key formula for ST Yin Deficiency?Mai Men Dong Tang ***Green or blue tip of the nose is indicative of what?Abdominal pain from SP cold (Q*)Grey and scattered spots on the eyesInjuries causing QI stagnation (Q*)Chronic, deep headache with teeth painKidney headacheThe spleen controls what kind of thinking activity?Learning and thinkingWhich luo channel would you use for the inability to stand erect?GB (Q*)Retention of urineDampness in bladder Lung Qi deficiencyChronic tiredness, desire to lie down, loose stools, poor appetite. What if here is cold?SP Qi deficiency SP Yang deficiencyDepression can be seen in what unique pathology?KD Yang deficiencyChronic tiredness, slight depression, dizziness, scanty periodsLIV Blood deficiencyUnilateral tongue coatShaoyang patternDizziness can be caused by what factors?Wind Yang Phlegm DeficiencyChronic tiredness, anxiety, insomnia, dry mouth at night, tongue without coatingKD Yin deficiencyNumbness and tingling of the limbs is due to what?Blood deficiency Wind Phlegm Damp Damp heat Qi and blood stagnationWhat is a common cause of numbness and tingling of the limbs in younger people, especially women?Blood deficiencyBlood deficiency usually causes _________ whereas ____________ and ___________ cause more numbnessTingling Phlegm WindIs numbness caused by wind bilateral or unilateral?UnilateralFloating pulse descriptionFelt with light pressureFloating pulse indicationsInvasion of external Wind Yin deficiency (Rare: anemia, cancer)Deep pulse descriptionOnly can be felt with heavy pressure, felt near boneDeep pulse indicationsPathogenic factor in interior (deep, full) Yang deficiency (deep, weak) * indicates problem is in the yin organsDeep and weak pulseQi and yang deficiencyDeep and full pulseQi and blood stasis Interior Cold or HeatSlow pulse description3 beats per respiration cycleBreathing rates Age 1-4 4-10 10-16 16-35 35-50 50+Rate 1-4: 90 or more 4-10: 84 10-16: 78/80 16-35: 76 35-50: 72/70 50+: 68Slow pulse indicationsCold patternSlow and weak pulseYang deficiencySlow and full pulseFull coldRapid pulse descriptionMore than 5 beats per respiration cycleRapid pulse indicationHeatFloating, empty and rapidYin deficiency empty heatFull and rapid pulseFull heatEmpty pulse descriptionBig but softEmpty pulse indications**Qi deficiencyFull pulse descriptionFull, hard, longFull pulse indicationFull patternFull and rapid pulseFull-heatFull and slow pulseFull-coldSlippery pulse descriptionFeels smooth, rounded, slippery to touch as if it were oilySlippery pulse indicationsPhlegm Damp Food retention PregnancyIs the slippery pulse full?YesSlippery and weak pulsePhlegm or damp with a background of Qi deficiencyChoppy pulse descriptionRough under finger, changes rapidly in rate and quantityChoppy pulse indicationBlood deficiency Exhaustion of fluidsLong pulse descriptionLonger than normalLong pulse indicationHeatShort pulse indicationSever Qi deficiency Stomach Qi deficiencyWhere does the short pulse frequently appear?Front positions (left or right)Overflowing (surging) pulse descriptionFeels big Superficial, overflowingOverflowing (surging) indicationFull heat (appears during fever, interior heat) Empty-heatOverflowing and empty pulse**Empty heatWhat are the other names for a fine pulse?Thin ThreadyFine (thin, thready) pulse descriptionThinner than normalFine (thin, thready)indicationBlood deficiency Damp with severe Qi deficiencyTight pulse descriptionFeels like a tight ropeTight pulse indicationCold Exterior cold Interior full cold Interior empty cold PainTight and floating pulseExterior coldTight, full, deep pulseInterior full coldTight, weak, deep pulseInterior empty coldWiry pulse indicationLiver disharmony Pain PhlegmSoggy pulse descriptionOnly can be felt in superficial position Soft, slightly floating Disappears when stronger pressure is appliedSoggy pulse indication**Damp with Qi deficiency Yin deficiency Essence deficiencyWeak pulse descriptionCan't be felt on superficial level, only deep level SoftWeak pulse indicationYang deficiency Blood deficiencyHasty pulse descriptionRapid Stops at irregular intervalsAnother name for hasty pulse?AbruptHasty pulse indicationSevere heat **HT Qi deficiency **HT FireKnotted pulse descriptionSlow Stops at irregular intervalsKnotted pulse indicationCold with HT Yang deficiencyIntermittent pulse descriptionStops at regular intervalsIntermittent pulse indicationSerious problem in internal organ **HT problem (in western medical sense)*Green color on noseQi stagnation with abdominal painHT & PC Qi Stagnation T & PT: pale purple on sides in chest area P: Empty but slightly overflowing in left front positionHT & PC Qi stagnation is all about what? Difference? Surprising symptoms?CHEST H: distention, oppression P: Tightness Weak and cold limbs