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Biologists and anthropologists generally agree on a five-member classification system to universally distinguish one race from another (T/F)
The way in which race is determined is a universal cultural constant (T/F)
Everyone who shares a respective ethnic identity expresses that identity through the same ethnic work (T/F)
Research has demonstrated that prejudice can have positive ramifications (T/F)
The process of compartmentalization helps people who engage in genocide to maintain a sense of behind good and moral (T/F)
Most Asian Americans trace their heritage to Japan (T/F)
Gender stratification refers to the unequal access to power, property, and prestige of males and females (T/F)
The major theories on the origin of patriarchy point to the social consequences of human reproduction (T/F)
The ratio of women who work for wages is evenly distributed throughout the United States (T/F)
The Supreme Court has ruled that sexual harassment laws do not apply equally to homosexuals who are harassed by heterosexuals on the job (T/F)
The terms "life span" and "life expectancy" are interchangeable and virtually mean the same thing (T/F)
Historically, television advertisements and other forms of media have portrayed elderly people with negative images (T/F)
Traditional authority is based on what has been agreed to by reasonable people and written into law (T/F)
Bureaucratic authority and charismatic authority are identical forms of power (T/F)
The United States first began as city-states (T/F)
Political action committees are a threat to American democracy because they have the capability of influencing elected officials more than the voters who placed them in office (T/F)
Sociologist Nicholas Timasheff suggests that social causes of war are can be traced to societies that have a cultural tradition of war combined with an antagonistic situation involving incompatible objectives (T/F)
In a pure socialist economy, members of the central committee, supervisors, and factory workers are all employees of the government (T/F)
Convergence theory suggests that the two economic systems of capitalism and socialism will grow further and further apart, which will lead to international mistrust and trade wars (T/F)
Internet dating has become the most popular way to meet a prospecitve mate (T/F)
Among all family groups, Native Americans are the most likely to be permissive with their children and avoid physical punishment (T/F)
Research shows divorced fathers often have little contact with their children (T/F)
Although women are having children at a later time in life, more married women give birth today then did twenty years ago (T/F)
The chances of divorce increase as the level of one's education and income increases (T/F)
Ashley Montagu, a physical anthropologist, classified humans into _________ different racial groups
The massacre of Native Americans in the 1800s, the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany, and the slaughter of the Tutsis in Rwanda are all examples of _________
As described in the text, what are two myths of race
One race is superior to another; pure races exist
While race might reflect our biological heritage, ______ reflects our cultural heritage
What is the Implicit Association Test?
It is a visual perception test that links race to desirable and undesirable words
What did Ezekiel suggest as the reason why some people are attracted to racist hate groups?
Hate groups provide some people with a type of meaning in their lives
The group in society made up of the unemployed who can be put to work during times of high production and then laid off when they are no longer needed is called _________
The reserve labor force
Which statement is most accurate regarding the meaning of race?
Race varies, depending upon the society in which its meaning is constructed
What did sociologist Peter Berger suggest as being the ultimate foundation of any political state?
Why do rational-legal and traditional authorities take careful precautions in opposing charismatic leaders?
Charismatic leaders have more followers than traditional or rational-legal leaders
Carl lives in a small New England town where he and other residents attend monthly town meetings. At these meetings, they publicly vote on issues concerning the town. These monthly town meetings are an example of __________ democracy
What is the specific gift the U.S. gave to the world that addressed a person's rights based by birth and residence?
The concept of citizenship
Max Weber used the term __________ to refer to the transition of authority from a charismatic leader to either a rational-legal authority or traditional authority
Routinization of charisma
In Kolondahar, a small group of high ranking military officers makes the decisions that determine national policy. This form of government describes __________
An oligarchy
Which political party garnished 19 percent of the vote for president in 1992, but dropped to 8 percent in the 1996 election, and virtually none in subsequent elections?
Reform party
Frank, Jim, Martha and Louise occupy the same apartment, sharing routine chores such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Each contributes a share of their earnings to pay utilities and food costs. Sociologists would describe this group as a __________
In Bongo Bongo, male members of the tribe may each legally have three wives. This is a family relationship defined as __________
Maria is a single working mother. While she is at work, her infant son is most likely to be _____
With his grandparents
From a sociological perspective of marriage and divorce, to what does the term continuities refer?
The degree to which divorced couples maintain contact
Which sentence best describes the divorce rate of remarried people without children?
It is higher than the divorce rate of first marriages
If we want to curb violence, we should concentrate on _________
Both women and men
Which of the following statements is not true about cohabitation trends?
Couples who cohabit before marriage are less likely to get divorced
Who are the most common incest offenders?