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Common French Phrases

Common French phrases that are used in English.
a la carte
ordering individual items from a menu
a la mode
desserts served with ice cream
au contraire
on the contrary
au courant
well informed or staying current
au revoir
until we meet again
bon appetit
good appetite
hello, good day
bon vivant
someone who enjoys the fun of life
bon voyage
have a good trip
carte blanche
having full authority or able to do what you want
coup d'etat
sudden overthrow of a government
cul de sac
dead end
de rigeur
double entendre
double meaning
en masse
in a large group; all together
en route
on the way
esprit de corps
group spirit
fait accompli
something accomplished
faux pas
hors d'oeuvre
je ne sais quoi
I don't know
not interfering
nom de plume
pen name; name a writer uses that is not her/his own
objet d'art
art work
pardonnez moi
excuse me
piece de resistance
absolutely best item or event
raison d'etre
reason for being
savoir faire
social know-how
tout de suite
vis-a- vis
in relation to