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Chapter 15: Human Geogrpahy: Economic Geography

Questions 742-840
What was completed in 1914 and created a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
Panama Canal
Spain, Italy, and what other country lead the world in olive production?
What term is used to describe factories in northern Mexico that assemble products for American and Japanese companies?
What type of crops are luxuries grown solely for profit, like tobacco in the United Stated?
Cash crops
What country is well known for its export of hand-woven, woolen blankets called Afghans?
NAFTA was a free trade agreement created in 1994 among which three countries?
United States, Canada, and Mexico
Half the world's emeralds come from a mine in Muzo in what South American country?
What Caribbean country relied on the Soviet Union for foreign aid until the USSR's collapse but continues to suffer economically due to an embargo by the United States?
A new bridge crosses the Koge Bay to connect Copenhagen with Malmo, thus linking Denmark to which other country?
Which small, European country exports printed religious material and imports almost all of its necessities?
Vatican City
What railway corridor opened in 1994 to connect Folkstone, England to Sangatte, France?
Channel Tunnel
Although 40 percent of Egypt's workforce is engaged in agriculture, food must be imported because of the extensive farming of what cash crop?
Odessa was important as the USSR's warm-water port on which sea?
Black Sea
What Southeast Asian city-state is considered one of the Four Tigers because of its strength in trade and industry?
Which West African country, with Conakry as its capital city, is the world's second-leading producer of bauxite?
Which country controls the Suez Canal?
Which South American country lost its Pacific Ocean corridor in a war with Chile in 1884?
The Philippines is the world's leading producer of copra, which is used to make what cooking oil?
coconut oil
In which country is the Witwatersrand, an extensive gold mine, located?
South Africa
What Caribbean island country has been called "Spice Island" because it leads the world in nutmeg production?
What sweet crop is extensively grown on Mauritius?
What natural resource plays a major role in Oklahoma's economy?
Which product dominates Iceland's exports?
Which West African country, located between Senegal and Guinea, exports cashews as its primary product?
The Bab el Mandeb, which connects the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden and is one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, is off the west coast of which country?
Which peninsular European country has its industrial region in the north and its agricultural region in the south?
The headquarters of the European Union is located in which capital city?
What does GNP stand for?
Gross national product
Due to its open registry policy, which African country has the largest merchant fleet in the world?
What monetary unit of Panama is named after the explorer who established the first European settlement in the country?
The New York Stock Exchange is located along which well-known street?
Wall Street
Which European country, located east of Germany, is the world's leading producer of rye?
Which former Portuguese colony is the world's leading producer of citrus fruit?
Which Roman Catholic European country is one of the world's leading apple exporters?
Which South American country is the world's leading producer of unrefined copper?
Which Asian country's sultan is considered one of the wealthiest men on Earth due to the country's extensive oil and gas production?
Which river valley is home to "Cyperus papyrus", a plant soaked and dried to make paper that was commonly used by several ancient civilizations?
Yaren is the capital city of which Pacific island country that relies on phosphate mining for its economy?
Which country, known as Siam until 1939, was the only southeast Asian country never colonized by a European country?
Which country has the world's largest democracy and is the world's largest producer of tea and sugarcane?
Name Hawaii's two most important crops.
Pineapple and sugarcane
Which tiny Mediterranean country is known for its casinos, car races, and beaches?
Shocked by Western advances in the 1850s, which country finally opened its doors to western trade after the Meiji Restoration during the nineteenth century?
Which African country's Copperbelt is centered along its primary urban area of Kitwe?
The Strait of Hormuz is the exit of which body of water that is important to the world's supply of oil?
Persian Gulf
Along with Japan, the United States, and France, what other country is among the top four of the world's largest economies?
The Owen Falls Dam, just north of Lake Victoria and east of Kampala, produces electricity for which African country?
Haneda, one of the world's busiest airports, is located near what Asian capital city?
What does IMF stand for?
International Monetary Fund