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disability income policies do not provide medical expense benefits.
Benefits for medical expenses are provided through disability income insurance
disability income insurance provides benefits for work-related disability
the denfinition of total disability varies from policy to policy because there is no standard definition
Temporary disability exists when an illness or injury prevents a person from performing one or more of the functions of his or her regular job
when an employer provides disability income insurance and the employee leaves the company, the insurance terminates unless the emloyee is disabled
Medical requirements are the same for both the SSDI and SSI programs
disabled workers younger than 65 years of age are eligible for SSDI
No prior employment is necessary for SSDI eligibility
for people trying to qualify for SSDI or SSI, determination is made by the physician
the civil service retirement system(CSRS) is a program that combines federal disability and social security disability
for patients receiving VA medical care, travel expenses to and from the facility are a benefit
If a state has state disability insurance, all types of workers are covered
Nonindustrial disability insurance programs exist in only five states and Puerto Rico
after a state disability claim is approved, basic benefits become payable with the eighth day of disability or the third day of hospital confinement, whichever come first
a reason for denial of disability income benefits is insufficient medial information
California allows for state disability benefits in a normal routine pregnancy
one of the most important items on a state disability claim form is the claimant's social security number
disability income insurance is available from
all of the above
(private insurance companies, employer-sponsored plan, government-funded programs)
coverage that provides a specfic monthly or weekly income when a person is unable to work because of an illnes or injury is known as
disability income insurance
the maximum amount of time for which benefits will be paid to the injured or ill person for a disability is called the
benefit period
residual benefits pay a
partial benefit when the insured is not totlly disabled
a policy that offers an insured person protection when los of sight or loss of limb occurs is called
dismenberment benefit
when am illness or injury prevents an insured person from performing one or more of the functions of his or her regular job, the disablilty is called
Bothe A and B
partial disablilty, residual disablilty
the term :guaranteed renewable" means that the insurer is
required to renew the po;icy as long as premium payments are made, and the premium may be increased
provisions written into the insurance contract denying coverage or limiting the scope of coverage are called
which two programs managed by the social security administration pay monthly disablity benefits to people younger than 65 who cannot work for at least a year because of a severe disability?
in 1956 congress established a program under Title II of the social security Act for long term disability known as
social security Income
the supplemental security Income program under Title XVI of the social security Act provides
disability payments to needy people with limited income and few resources
what is the correct order in the appeals process
Reconsideration, hearing, review by the Appeals council, review by the federal court
The armed services disability benefits program is available to
members of the armed service on active duty
what is the time limit for veteran to file a claim to receive outpatient treatment at VA expense for a service-connected disability?
Within one year of sustaining the injury
the first stste to provide a successful stste disability insurance program was
Rhode Island
state disability insurance is also known as
Both A and B
unemployment compensation disability, temporary disablility insurance
state disability insurance benefits begin after the
seventh consecutive day of disability
funding for state disability insurance is usually a samll percentage of the employee's wage that
All the Above
for a disability income insurance case, the time period from the beginning of disability to receiving the first payment of benefits is called a/an ________ period
in regard to disability income insurance, the ______ period is the maximum amount of time for which benefits will be paid to the injured or ill person for a disability
in a life insurance policy, a feature that provides for twice amount of the policy to be paid if death results from accidental causes is called _________
double indemnity
In an insurance contract, a/an ______ of premiums means that while disabled the employee does not have to pay any premiums because they are paid by the policy
a __________ (DDS) team composed of a physician/psychologist and disability examier make the determination regarding disability for the SSDI and SSI programs
Disability determination services
if a claimant does not agree with the determination of disability, a ______ - level appeal preal is available
The number of years of service that are required before benefits can be paid under CSRS is ___
the physician must obtain prior authorization from the nearest VA facility in disability cases if the treatment costs more than ______ per month
if the validity of a state disability insurance case is in question, a/an _________ may be asked by the insurance company to examine the disabled individual
independent medical exaiminer
people residing in states that do not provide sate disability insurance ay elect to contract a local private insurance carrier to arrange for coverage under a/an _______ disability