CTECH 041 (lessons 1-3 speedback)

Who is considered the father of modern computing?
Charles Babbage
Which of the following types of technology was used in large, room-sized computers?
Vacuum tube
How did Bill Gates and Paul Allen affect the development of computers?
They provided an early operating system for personal computers, known as Disk Operating System
What was the first device invented to store data for computers?
hard drive
What is a good description of multitasking?
working on several tasks all at the same time
Which of the following do all hardware components plug into?
The motherboard
Which one of the following options lists only peripheral devices?
Keyboard, monitor, printer
What is the purpose of an input device?
to enter information into the computer
Which of the following temporarily stores data used to load programs?
Random access memory (RAM)
What are the physical components inside the system unit called?
What is the heart of the computer through which all data flows?
CPU, or central Processing Unit
What is the computer language called that uses a series of zeros and ones?
Which of the following is the fastest computer processing speed?
What software functions as a translator between the computer and the user to control the hardware?
the operating system
Which unit of measurement is the biggest?
What does the GUI do?
it represents programs with text and images
What happens last during the boot process?
The operating system is loaded
Which of the following are networks that are spread out over several buildings, cities, and states?
WAN or Wide Area Network
Why would a business use a network?
to share hardware and files and to provide security
Which of the following best describes a network of nine computers wired together?
LAN or Local Area Network
What is the master computer that controls a network called?
Which of the following can be damaged when a virus affects the read head?
the platter
What type of virus destroys the MBR on the hard drive?
a boot sector virus
What kind of virus would attack a document made in an application program?
a file virus
Which of the following will help you prevent viruses?
only accepting email from people you know
What type of virus is hidden inside a good piece of software?
a Trojan horse
What type of virus travels across a network and sends itself to everyone in your address book?
a worm
What happens when a user instructs PowerPoint to save a file?
The operating system saves the file to hard drive
Which of the following tasks is performed by the operating system?
saving, opening, renaming, and deleting files
Which section of the following address is the most specific? C:/My Documents\School\English
What is shareware?
software that has a fee after a trial period
Which of the following laws was first passed to protect the intellectual property of others?
the Copyright Act
Which of the following would not be considered intellectual property?
a new type of soap
Why was the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 necessary?
Copyright laws did not cover questions that were raised about what could and could not be done on the Internet
What law made it acceptable under certain circumstances to use small portions of someone else's work as long as the source is cited?
The fair Use Act
Which of the following would normally be considered to be in public domain?
software that is published by the government
What do you do if the article you want to use does not list an author, but everything else needed for the source is available?
if you know the publisher, skip the author and list the next item in the citation
Which of the following is always an example of plagiarism?
using someone else's idea and claiming it as yours
How do most universities view plagiarism?
plagiarism is seen as a form of theft and so it is taken very seriously
Why is it necessary to rephrase information from other sources?
to build on ideas and make them yours
What is an acceptable use policy?
a document explaining how employees can use company resources
What circumstances have led to more and more companies adopting an acceptable use policy?
employees wasting company resources
Which of the following is not one of the common elements of an acceptable use policy?
a statement that emphasizes the importance of protecting your privacy while at work
Which of the following is an example of piracy?
illegally distributing copyright materials
Which of the following best describes hacking?
illegal entry into someone else's computer system
Which of the following best describes hacking?
illegal entry into someone else's computer system
What is a "cookie" in computer terminology?
software that collects data
Which statement is true about privacy while using a school computer?
School officials have the right to monitor how students are using computers at any time, even if students have personal information on their computers
Which of the following is designed to address accessibility issues?
software that allows disables people to control their computers with voice commands
What term describes the practice of collecting data on people for marketing purposes/
What is the purpose of the ISP?
to allow access to the Internet through a host computer
What is a user-friendly addressing system?
When would using the refresh button be helpful?
when a page does not load completely or loads with errors
What is HTML?
the programming language that makes a Web page visible
Which of the following is a business that provides access to the internet?
What type of information does a search engine contain?
a list of keywords found in documents and Web pages on the Internet
What describes an Internal search engine?
It searches for information on a specific web site
Which of the following best describes what a wildcard does?
searches for all variations of a word
What would be the most efficient search if you wanted to find clips from the movie "The Astronaut Farmer"?
"The Astronaut Farmer" AND movie
Which of the following searches would find all variations of "schedule"?
Which of the following is most clearly an example of a biased Web site?
a Web site that tells only the good things about a political candidate and is sponsored by her
How can you tell if a Web site is reliable?
Ask: "Is the Web site filled with advertising pop-up ads?"
How do you determine if an author is an expert in a subject?
by looking for awards, certificates, and college degrees
How can you tell if a Web site is relevant?
Ask: "Does the Web site give me details that I can use?"
Which of the following best describes why chat rooms can be dangerous?
People can pretend to be whoever they want
What would be a good password?
What will help prevent your identity from being stolen?
shred any documents with personal information on them before throwing them away
What is an example of cyber bullying?
someone being harassed in an e-mail
How do you know a website is a secure site?
There will be a picture of a lock on the status bar
A seventeen-year-old young man took obscene pictures of a sixteen-year-old girl while on a school trip. She agreed to have the pictures taken. The high school administration finds out about the pictures. Consequences?
This would be considered child pornography. In addition to harsh discipline from the school, the police would need to be informed and legal action would likely be taken.